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Raahe Guide finds you nice things to do in Raahe and introduces local services to Raahe residents and travelers.

Raahe is a small and vibrant town with all facilities needed to live a happy and peaceful life. Whether you are here for a one-week stay as a tourist or have moved here for permanent residency, Raahe will provide you with a wide range of services so you feel comfortable and fulfilled. The multitude of things to see and do around Raahe will liven up your stay, making sure you never get bored.

Local Services

In spite of being a small town, Raahe comes fully packed with all facilities needed for a perfect life. The town has a lot of accommodation options with hotels and guest houses for tourists and gorgeous apartments for permanent residents. You can choose a cozy flat in the downtown or opt for residential house with a terrace at the outskirts of the town. Along with building new apartments every year, Raahe builts schools, kindergartens, stores, pharmacies and other crucial facilities. The town map is dotted with cafes and pubs where you can relax with a brewed drink or refreshing pint. Restaurants serve traditional Finnish delicacies as well international cuisine staples.

Raahe’s public transport consists of public buses and chartered vehicles that help you hands down commute within the city. Moreover, there are buses that connect Raahe with Oulu Airport located 75 km away and Vihanti Railway Station located 37 km away. Other facilities found in the town include gyms, beauty salons, barber shops, a public library, a music school, and a cultural event house for concerts, exhibitions, conferences, film showings and educational events. Raahe has also numerous beaches and a variety of water activities to try, like fishing, boating, sailing and swimming.

Nice Things to do

Raahe is a town with rich history, charming architecture and beautiful nature. The first thing you should do when you come to Raahe is to take a tour of the downtown which is famous for its old wooden buildings that take you back in time. After you finish exploring the lovely 19th century architecture, you can visit one of the museums to learn more about Raahe’s history. There is a pharmacy museum with captivating exhibits, such as vintage aphotekary equipment and tools, so if you love medicine, this place will spark your interest. There is even a restored apartment acting like a museum that used to be owned by a 19th century merchant. Raahe boasts many cafes and restaurants that offer a wide selection of local food.

If you are a nature lover, you can take it to the Raahe countryside and enjoy the stunning scenery while having a traditional meal in a rural-style restaurant. Moreover you can have a nice time strolling along the beaches and taking a boat tour, exploring the Gulf of Bothnia. Fishing, sailing and canoeing are among the most popular activities in Raahe so don’t hesitate to try them. If you prefer to spend your leisure time on the dry land, you can try fatbike tours and countryside hiking. There are many forest trails that offer breath-taking views of the surrounding nature and provide a peaceful retreat.