kettukangas machine museum

Kettukangas Machine Museum

The Kettukangas Machine Museum was founded in 1986 by Pentti Kettukangas, a car enthusiast who started his love affair with cars in the 70s. The museum has three halls where different vehicles are displayed. You can find vintage cars, tractors, vans, motorcycles and other old exhibits collected by Pentti during his lifetime. The museum’s owner offers guided tours of the building where he tells visitors the story of each vehicle.

Explore different types of vehicles

Pentti will meet you warmly at the reception, then invite you on journey through the museum. The first chamber on the list is the tractor shed. The shed hosts old models of tractors that were renovated and painted in bright colors to attract the visitor’s attention. Aside from colorful agricultural machines, the hall displays some old cars. But this is just the warm-up before the most exciting part of the tour. The next destination is the motorbike hall where a large collection of vintage motorcycles and mopeds is exposed. The most attractive exhibit seems to be a Jawa ZZ year 1955, which was Pentti’s first motorcycle. Another two-wheel vehicle that will amaze you is a REX motorcycle that has driven 100,000 km and is still in the game.

The icing on the cake is obviously the car hall. Here you will find an immense collection of retro vehicles, some of which date back to 1930’s. The model that stands out from the crowd is a 1931 Ford that was Pentti’s first love. You will enjoy listening to the story of this legend that had the luck to spend its twilight years in a museum. Then came a Pobeda model year 1953. The collection boasts a lot of Mercedes Benz models, including a 190 model year 1962 that has 600,000 km on the odometer. You will also meet Taunus and IFA models that are more than 60 years old. Moreover, the museum has a car manufactured by the students of Raahe Vocational College. Its interesting shape attracts the eyes of many visitors.

Where is Kettukangas Machine Museum located?

Other exhibits

Cars is not the only thing Pentti Kettukangas’ museum takes pride in. There are many other items displayed to the public eye, adding a spicy note to the car-dominated museum. The largest rocking chair is found in the yard of the museum. The giant structure entered the Guinness Book in 1992. Another stunning structure represents 43 horse rakes stacked on each other. Nearby, you will notice a renovated Ferguson tractor from the 50’s with canopy on top that protects it from rain.

Inside the museum, you will find an old cash register, a homemade snow glider with wooden rollers, a vintage cleaning cart, and the first hydraulic cable excavator built in 1962. Those who are not interested in cars are guaranteed to have fun in the Machine Museum.


If you want to visit the Machine Museum, you have to make an appointment in advance. Call the owner at least one day before your planned visit and agree upon a tour. The adult fee is €5, children fee is €2, and the family ticket is €10. Phone 08 264 085.