cruises in raahe

Cruises in Raahe

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Made up of 50 charming islands, the Raahe Archipelago is a popular recreation for locals and tourists. Take a cruise to enjoy the beautiful nature, savour traditional foods, listen to stories about the maritime history of Raahe, and explore the century-old lighthouses.

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You can choose a cruise that includes landing on two of the largest islands and spending a couple of hours there, exploring the nature and trying iconic Finnish food. Specifically, you will have the chance to try the traditional sausages grilled on open fire, called grillimakkara. Tasku and Kallu Islands have comfortable resting huts with great nature views that are perfect for summer get-togethers. While the islands are uninhabited, they host some wooden lighthouses built in the 19th century that symbolyze the maritime history of the Raahe Archipelago.

If you don’t want to spend the time on the islands, you can only cruise the 50 islands without landing on any of them. You can hire a skilled skipper on a maneuverable boat to get you see the most beautiful places of the compact archipelago. Coffee and fresh beverages are served on the boad during the cruise. The archipelago doesn’t have permanent inhabitants, yet the islands are just 20-minutes away from the town. You will get there on a motorboat for 12 passengers.

Kayaking trips

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can join a guided kayaking trip in the archipelago waters. Experienced kayakers can go further in the open sea. Stand-up paddlers can benefit from skilled guidance as well. The largest islands have mooring points where boaters can stop by and enjoy a picnic on the shore or rent a barbecue area and unwind after a boating session.

We present the best cruises in Raahe


Iso-Kraaseli Island boasts barbecue facilities, camping sites, and benches for you to spend a lovely time with your family under the open sky. Iso-Kraaseli Island there is a pilot house equipped with beds for 13 people and other vital amenities. So if you want, you can spend the night on the island. If you adore walks and hikes, you can take a stroll on one of the idyllic trails to explore the wildlife and savour the breath-taking scenery of the island. You can also take a tour along the shore to enjoy the sandy beaches and see Raahe from a distance.

Kalla Island

Kalla Island is one of the largest islands on the Raahe Archipelago where most boats stop by. It has a campfire site and a resting hut that are open for public use as well as a gloe-lake created by the glacial rebound. The magnificent stony shores make the island a favorite among boaters.

Tasku Island

Another important island you will see on your cruise is Tasku. It used to be a major fishermen’s base in the past and has a 19th-century daymark on its north shore. The island has a resting hut, mooring points and is famous for its lovely sand dunes and fresh seaside meadows. Tasku beach is a popular destination in the summer.