car rental in raahe

Car Rental in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best car rental companies in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers from car rental companies to residents and travelers.

Are you looking for a good car to rent in Raahe?

If you come to Raahe, you may need a car to drive around the city and explore all its beautiful places. Here are some of the car rental companies you can rely on when arriving in Raahe.

We present the best car rental companies in Raahe

Hertz Suomi

The company’s office is located in Pattijoki, Raahe, and is open for car pick-ups and returns from 7AM to 4PM. The car fleet consists of safe, modern and functionable cars, including sedans, family cars, prestige collection and green collection. If you need a car for a large group of people, you can opt for a van or a minibus.

The company offers additional services and accessories, such as baby seats and navigation systems, to make sure you leave the office safely and have a perfect trip. You can book online, by phone or go straight to the office and choose the car you like. You can pay when booking or when picking up the vehicle.

Please note that the staff is only at the office in AM hours if they have reservations in advance. So if you don’t book, there is a risk you will find the car rental office closed if you go in the morning hours. Hertz provides leasing solutions to those who are going to spend in Raahe a longer amount of time. Choosing the MiniLeasing option allows you to use the leased car for one month.

Monivuokraus Korkki

The company focuses on renting car tires and rims, small machines, equipment for different types of cars as well as tools for car maintenance and repair. They have a wide selection of car parts and tools so no matter your car make and model, you are sure to find the suitable components. All tires, rims, equipment and tools meet the safety and quality standards and come with a guarantee. The company office is located at Hitsarinkatu 1 ovi B2, 92120 Raahe and is open Monday to Friday from 12 to 6PM.

Raahen Vuokrapalvelu Oy

The company offers a variety of rental services. You can rent a modern Citroën van for transporting goods or large groups of people. The van runs on diesel, has air conditioning and a maximum load capacity of 1300 kg. Besides, you can rent car equipment at a reasonable price, including trailers, canopy carts and tubs.

The canopy cart has a load capacity of 520kg while the trailer of 2000kg. The tub can fit 5-8 persons and has a 30kW stove that provides a heating time of 1.5-3 hours depending on the initial water temperature. You can also rent a traveler caravan equipped with beds for 5 people, heater, gas stove, kitchen cabinet, sink, dining table, refrigerator and WC.

Moreover, the company rents out a soil compactor, a hedge trimmer, an ozonator and a textile washer, all in perfectly functionable condition. Make sure to visit the company’s website to check the price list. On the website you will also find technical information about the van and equipment, company’s contacts, and rental conditions.

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