nature trails in raahe

Nature Trails in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best nature trails in Raahe and distributes announcements and information about nature trails to residents and travelers.

Are you looking for a pleasant nature trail in Raahe?

Hitting nature trails and exploring the surrounding beauty is one of the favorite occupations of nature lovers. Here are the best trails in Raahe for hiking, running, cycling, birdwatching and camping.

We present the best nature trails in Raahe

Vihanti Network of Nature Trails

Stretched over 100 km, the network of nature trails covers the most beautiful places of Vihanti village. The paths are perfect for hiking, running, snowshoeing and skiing. Along the trails, you will find campfire sites and some cabins where you can replenish your energy. Since the network is large and intricate, you are recommended to purchase a paper map of the network at the Vihanti Library before setting out your journey.


The Aittalahti nature trail stretches over 1.3 km around a beautiful lake scenery. It’s pretty easy for hiking so you can come with your whole family. Several campfire spots are available along the trail and provide amazing views of the lake and surrounding nature. There is also a birdwatching tower where you can watch the swans graciously floating on the water’s surface. After a hiking tour, you can sit on the shore of the tranquil lake and fish for perch and pike.

Fant’s Path

If you are looking for easy trails, Fant’s Path is what you need. The path is just 770 m long and is a great location for leisure hikes and morning jogging. As you advance along the trail, you will witness breath-taking seascapes. There is a campfire site where you can rest, have a fresh sip, and admire the Old Raahe.


The trail is 2.3 km long and is located on the second largest island of Raahe Archipelago. You can get on the island on boat. The trail runs through most of the island, allowing you to enjoy the eye-pleasing scenery and listen to the sounds of nature. After the journey, you can rest at one of the campfire sites on Iso-Kraaseli equipped with barbecue facilities, tables and benches. You can stay overnight in the renovated pilot house that accommodates 13 people.

Hummastinvaara’s routes

Hummastinvaara’s routes is a network of nature trails of different length (5, 10, 15 and 25 km). You can use them for hiking, jogging and biking. There is a route dedicated to horse riding as well. In winter one of the routes is turned into a ski track. The trails are marked with sign boards so you don’t get lost. There is a campfire spot with a cabin in the middle of the forest.

Near the trail network there are two stone quarry sites where occasional stone blasting occurs. The hikers are notified about explosions with audible signals. The blasting and mining are not dangerous, but you should avoid moving outside the route when reaching the quarry area.

Pitkänkari trails and Takaranta

The trails run through the Pitkänkari Forest and near the Takaranta Beach, offering mesmerizing seaside views. The trails are separated, each of them covering a special area and framing distinct views. There is a campfire site on the route and a bird tower where you can admire the wonderful wildlife of Raahe Archipelago.

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