hobbies in raahe

Hobbies in Raahe

Raahe Guide shows the best hobbies and hobby places for Raahe residents and travelers.

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Raahe is a vibrant and sports-friendly town where you can enjoy a lot of recreation activities offered by sports services and mother nature. The fresh air, crystal-clear water and green forest make up the perfect environment for practising swimming, hiking, sea fishing, sunset kayking, snorkeling, skiing, and fat-bike tours. Apart from what the nature has to offer, there are many sports and recreational facilities in Raahe suitable for bowling, athletics, ice hockey, skating, Frisbee golf, fitness and spa. You are free to choose your favorite hobby and practise it all day long.

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Winter hobbies

If you are fan of winter sports, there are some services in Raahe for you. The ice rink can be used for ice skating and ice hockey. The venue is occasionally used for concerts as well. Nearby is an uncovered ice rink where you can play ice hockey in winter and roller hockey in summer. Also, you there are several snowmobile tracks and ski lodges around the town where you can enjoy your free time with your friends in an adventurous way.

Water activities

If you are in love with water activities, you have free access to the bay where you can swim, snorkle, paddle and spend time on the beach. Enjoy the numerous fishing spots along the town coast and around the archipelago. Hire a cruise boat to visit the most beautiful islands of the Raahe archipelago. The swimming hall at Vasipekka sports center keeps its doors open for those who prefer indoor swimming. You can come here every day and practise your favorite sport without worrying about weather.

Outdoor hobbies

There are nine outdoor tennis courts around Raahe, including Pattijoki, Vihanni and Lapinsaari, where you can improve your tennis skills and relax after a hard day. Visit the Frisbee golf park and have fun throwing the disk at the target. Compete with your friends or try to break your own record. The Koivulouto sports field is the perfect place for practising athletics, both track and field disciplines. There are some open-air football fields in the town. However, you can also play indoor soccer at the Football Hall Arina Areena. The field is versatile, allowing you to practise various individual and team sports.

Indoor hobbies

There is a poolroom in Raahe where you can play billiards. Raahen Dance Club offers dancing classes that help you relieve stress and keep you in a good shape. Pulju Skate Hall welcomes skating enthusiasts and simply everyone who want to experience an adrenaline rush.

Kuntokeidas Vesipekka is a multipurpose family recreation center that offers a wide range of activities. There are large pools, children pools, massage pools as well as water slides. Besides, there is a bowling alley and a hall for volleyball and badminton which are a great place to spend your day with your family. The center also boasts a solarium, a spa and a steam room where your body is taken care of. Since it’s a sports town, Raahe is dotted with gyms. Do your research well to find the gym with the best location, equipment and personal trainers.

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