raahe lifestyle


Raahe Guide shares stories and lifestyle from Raahe about the lives of its residents to Raahe residents and those interested in Raahe.

Raahe Guide has a page dedicated to lifestyle where you can read lots of stories that shape the Raahe’s residents’ way of living. This page is perfect for travelers who want to get a rough understanding of Raahe’s daily routine and people’s habits and mentality. At the same time, this page is a great opportunity for Raahe residents to get a deeper knowledge of their region. 

The page tells impressive stories of ordinary people who want to share their experience and are willing to make a difference in the community. The story of a teacher who wants to strengthen research resources in Raahe’s Medicine University or of a successful entrepreneur that brought a life-changing innovation in the city may be really inspiring. Other than motivational stories, there is a rich collection of historical storytelling, like the story of a hero sailor and objector told by his niece or the memories of an Olympic torch bearer. Such stories help you dive into the past of Raahe and look at the city from a different angle. Want to learn more about regional cuisine? On the lifestyle page, you can find a considerable amount of storytelling about the Raahe’s iconic dishes and foods. It’s a unique opportunity to learn how particular dishes came to be the staple of Raahe’s cuisine, as well as be instructed on how to prepare and consume them correctly.  

Moreover, you can get an insight into various events in Raahe. For example, there may be an article showing the highlights of a festival that took place recently or a piece of text providing details about an upcoming medieval exhibition so that attendees can prepare for it properly. Blogs advertising tourist destinations in Raahe, like boat cruises, old town tours and museum trips, revealing their best parts are also common on the Raahe Guide’s lifestyle page.