pattijoki stone arch bridge

Pattijoki Stone Arch Bridge

The Pattijoki stone arch bridge is a 5.4 m wide and 10.5 long stone arch bridge over the Pattijoki River. It was completed in 1897 and initially served as a heavy traffic road. The bridge is also called Rännäri which comes from the liquor store located nearby. Highway 8 passed over the bridge until a bypass road was built near the Pattijoki Church. Since the mid 1970s, the road acts as a local road and is available only for light traffic. The less intensive traffic reduces the wear and tear of the bridge and prolongs its lifespan. In 1984, the bridge was declared a road museum.

An idyllic place with wonderful views

While it’s used by locals to get from one bank of the river to another, the Pattijoki Bridge is also a tourist attraction. It’s a perfect place for romantic walks and photography. You can lean on the bridge and watch the flowing water while pondering the events of the day. You can also take stunning pictures of the forest’s reflection in the river. Speaking of photography, the best shots still are those that capture the wonderful arch bridge surrounded by lush vegetation from a distance. Position yourself about 50 meters from the bridge and immortalize the impressive scenery. You can get any closer and any farther you want and choose any angle you desire to take the best picture. You can also come in winter and capture the breath-taking white landscape.

Where is the Pattijoki stone arch bridge located?

Explore Pattijoki

There are several attractions around the village of Pattijoki that are worth visiting. Aside from the arch bridge, you can visit the renowned churches, one located in the village and one situated in the middle of the forest. The Machine Museum and the Kastelli castle ruins are a short drive from the bridge. Each place offers an unique and unforgettable journey to the past.