massage therapists in raahe

Massage Therapists in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best massage therapists in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers of massage therapists to Raahe residents and tourists.

Are you looking for a qualified masseuse in Raahe?

On this page you’ll find reliable masseurs and osteopaths in Raahe. Whether you are looking for a relaxation massage or a pain-relieving osteopathy session, the specialists listed below will do their best to make you feel good.

We present the best massage therapists in Raahe

Hierontapiste Hekkala

Located in the shopping center Masto, the office belongs to Petri Hekkala, a trained masseur with an educational background in massage therapy. Petri offers different types of massage. Classical massage is the most common method of dealing with muskuloskeletal issues.

It helps relax muscles, improve circulation and alleviate pain. You can opt for this type of massage after a hard working day or before going to the gym, as it enhances muscles function, making them more resistant, flexible and strong.

Sports massage has elements of classical massage but it’s more oriented on shaping the muscles, making them more effective, accelerating recovery, and preventing injuries. The masseur takes into the account the training periods of the athlete and decides whether to do a preparatory or a restorative massage.

Kinesio Taping is another therapeutic treatment you can try at Hierontapiste Hekkala. It is a technique invented by the Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase that improves lymphatic drainage, relieves pain, increases mobility of joints and muscles, and corrects posture by stretching the skin with elastic cotton strips.

You can inquire about available times and arrange an appointment on phone. Alternatively, you can book a massage session on the company’s website.

Tmi Sports Massager Heini Pajala

Heini Pajala is a masseuse who has graduated from the Tampere Massage Therapist School in 2013. Now she is studying osteopathy at the Osteopathy School in Espoo and is running a massage office where she helps people get rid of muscle pain and recover from physical activity while improving her skills in the massage industry.

Her goal is to become a top-tier massage therapist and make thousands of people satisfied with her services. In her office in the shopping center Masto, Heini offers massage and osteopathy services from 10AM to 7PM. But you can also ask for a Saturday appointment.

You can visit her website to learn about her passion for osteopathy, her success story as an entrepreneur and other information including prices, contacts and reservation.


The company provides different types of massage that range from classical massage to more exotic forms of treatments.

Reflexology massage is technique that involves applying pressure to feet, hands and ears to improve the flow of vital energy through the body. The reflexology theorists believe that these body parts are connected to specific organs, so by applying pressure on them you relax the body and improve the function of the body systems.

Indian head massage implies massaging the pressure points on the head, neck and shoulders using circular motions to reduce tension, improve circulation and alleviate headache. It is also said to boost concentration and lower stress levels.

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You may also book a hot stone massage session where flat and heated basalt stones are placed on the back, chest or other parts of the body to relieve muscle and joint tension, reduce stress and promote a better sleep.