forest church of pattijoki

Forest Church of Pattijoki

Dubbed the church of living fire, water and light, Forest Church of Pattijoki completes the list of must-see attractions in Raahe. The spiritual site was built by a group of scouts in 1995 and is owned by the Tervastuli Scout Association. Equipped with an altar and a bell, the church hosts religious services from time to time. Up to 50 people can attend a service. The area around the forest church has many facilities, including a campfire site, a shed, and a sleeping cabin, making the church a great recreation place.

It all started in a summer day

The place were the church was built had previously served as a scout camp. From those times, the forest house and other buildings remained in place. In 1995, the local scout organization decided to build a church that would have acted as a silent and cozy refuge in the middle of the forest. It was a sunny summer day when a group of nine hiking girls helped by some adults started to lay the foundation of the church. In fact, the main part of the building was taken from an old barn.

forest church of pattijoki 2022

Some cleaning and polishing work was needed to bring the logs to an aesthetically appealing condition. A bell tower and a stone altar were installed at the end of the building. The church’s founders have also crafted a chandelier in their own workshop as well as an aisle carpet that is laid on the altar during weddings.

The church of living fire, water and light

The sunlight pours into the church in summer days through the large windows. Dozens of candles are lit every day, making sure there is a gleam of light in the church even when the sun sets. A fire burns in the fireplace so that the church visitors feel warm and comfortable during the events. Moreover, a water pipe that leads directly to the altar was built. No wonder the church is called of living fire, water and light.

Where is the Forest Church of Pattijoki Located?

Available all year round

The church can be rented for events in all seasons. Whether it’s a wedding, a christening or an engagement ceremony, the Forest Church is perfectly suited to host it. The cost of rent ranges from 40 to 100 euros. In November up until December, the church receives small Christmas groups.

Outdoor facilities

If you are looking for a silent place in the heart of nature, Pattijoki Forest is your perfect destination. And it’s not only because the church has a perfect location in the middle of giant pines that cuts you from the civilization and gives you a moment of relief and reconnection with nature. As a former camp, the church is surrounded by a number of facilities that make your stay more comfortable and exciting and allow even to spend the night on site. There is a house with sleeping cabins that can are rented out. In addition, there is a shed, a sauna, a campfire site with benches, a hut, and a workshop.