flea markets in raahe

Flea Markets in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best flea markets in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers of flea markets to residents and travelers.

Are you looking for a pleasant flea market in Raahe?

This page guides you through the best flea markets in Raahe. There are several flea markets in Raahe where you can buy a wide array of pre-owned items at a very good price. There is also an online market where anyone can sell, exchange and give away their stuff.

We present the best flea markets in Raahe

PH-Kirppis Raahe

A neat and spacious flea market that offers a large variety of items including clothes, household goods, artworks and books. The items are in good condition and are sold at a reasonable price. The friendly staff helps you find the product you need and gives you detailed information about each item.

Don’t hesitate to come with your kids. The store is pretty spacious and allows for parents with a stroller to navigate through the shelves. Speaking of the little ones, the market sell items for kids as well that come with good bargains. You can visit the store Monday through Friday from 10AM to 6PM. On Saturday and Sunday, the opening hours are 10AM-3PM.

Pattijoen Löytötori

If you are looking to save some money, this flea market in Raahe is the right place to go. You’ll find plenty of children’s and adult’s clothing, books and other useful stuff. Feel free to roam the store and choose the items you like without being bothered. The store is small, but compact and neat so a pleasant shopping experience is guaranteed. You can leave your kids in the playroom to make sure they don’t get bored while you are looking for bargains. Another great facility is a large parking lot nearby the store. Pattijoen Löytötori is open from 10AM to 3PM.


This is the oldest flea market in Raahe that opened its doors 35 years ago. It is located in a 19th-century wooden building in Raahe Downtown offering a pleasant flea market experience. Customers can find here second-hand clothes and other goods. All items are in good condition and go through the quality test before being put up for sale. You will also get fully satisfied with the prices that sometimes are even lower than you might expect. Take your time to inspect the shelves and eventually find the best bargain that suits your needs perfectly. Lähikirppis also donates clothing items to locals and people abroad. It is open Monday through Friday from 1PM to 5PM.

Raahe Guide’s online marketplace

A new online flea market is available to those who want to buy stuff from the comfort of their home. As a buyer, you are offered a huge array of useful items that you can purchase at a reduced price. Whether you are looking for a clothing item, a phone, or a piece of furniture, the virtual marketplace gets you covered. You can also be a seller and sell your items. Local flea market companies are also encouraged to post their goods on the site and increase their sales. Aside from selling and buying, there are other types of deals you can engage in. You can exchange, rent and donate your goods.

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