vihanti local culture centre

Vihanti Local Culture Centre

Vihanti local culture centre is a cultural and leisure center located in the picturesque village of Vihanti, south east of Raahe. The area includes several renovated historical buildings that can serve different purposes, like accommodation, meetings and parties. The park offers opportunities for hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and tennis in summer. During winter, visitors can enjoy skiing on an illuminated track.


Uhtuankantti is one of the residential buildings built for war widows by Vihanti soldiers. In 1989, it was handed over to the local community association as a donation. In 1990, it was transported in two pieces to the culture center. A couple of years later, the house was renovated and given a tourist-worthy appearance.

Inside the building you can find a kitchen, a sauna, a fireplace, a meeting room for 10 people and sleeping rooms with air conditioner that can accommodate 8 people. The kitchen has been modernized and equipped with a new refrigerator, a microwave, an oven, an extractor hood and an electric water boiler.

stone age habitation

Saarankantti is a modern red log house that was renovated and brought to eye-pleasing condition by the local community association. The house was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries for the village’s postmaster. The local association brought it and restored it in 2009  so that it can receive guests. It is located downtown, between the fire station and the parish hall.

Inside the villa you will find a hall, a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, a sauna and a bathroom. The hall boasts exquisite furniture while the kitchen is equipped with high-tech appliances such as an induction stove, a convection oven and a microwave. The living room has a traditional table with benches, a fireplace and a TV. There is a studio upstairs with two beds, a mini kitchen and a shower room.

Hietalankantti is a large house painted in yellow and with a red roof. The house has a meeting room for 50 people. The conference area is equipped with wooden chairs and tables, a projector and a screen. There is a kitchen and a serving room downstairs where guests can eat a snack during breaks. On the upper floor, there is a cozy loft with 3 beds, air conditioning, a table with chairs and a rocking chair.

Ukko-Pekka is a mansion-style building painted in beige that can host meetings of up to 50 people. It is equipped with a projector and cozy chairs. In addition, there is a kitchen fitted with modern appliances and furniture. A dining area can be found in the kitchen as well. Visitors also have access to a youth space and a museum exhibition that displays traditional items. A sauna and a washroom are available for those who want to stay overnight. Upstairs, there are 2 rooms that can accommodate 4 persons in total.

Where is Vihanti Local Culture Centre located?

Near the leisure center there is a stunning stone garden built by the local community association. The 10-meter-wide monument is a tribute to Vihanti’s mining industry and Stone Age history. The municipality hopes it will attract tourists from all over Finland and abroad.