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In our directory you will find e.g. following information:

• Companies in the area
• Services provided by companies
• Contact information for companies
• Location of companies on the map

You can search for companies in the register using a free word search that targets the company’s name, products and services, or you can search for companies based on, for example, the company’s industry (TOL 2008 classification) or business ID.

Entrepreneur: Please update your contact information

Contact us if your business information needs to be updated or if you have any questions about the business register. We also hope that companies will be active in keeping their own information up to date. If your company is not yet registered or you want to update your information, you can do so using the company information form.

You can easily submit the changed business information directly using the business listing form.

Looking for a company in Raahe?

Raahe Guide shares advertisements and offers from Raahe companies to Raahe residents and Raahe travelers.

This page shows the Raahe’s business register to help residents and travelers find the service they need easily and fast. Also, it distributes companies’ offers creating a bridge that connects the customers and service providers. Whether you need to know where the largest grocery store is in the city or search for a trusted dentistry nearby your house, or maybe you want to find the best fashion store selling winter clothes in Raahe’s downtown, whichever your intent, the business register serves as your friendly advisor.

Why search for a certain service or product online and get lots of results that make you spoiled for choice, when you can use the official business register. Not to mention that many companies that pop up in the search engine are scam, so you will only waste your time visiting their page. The register offers delicate details about the company that it may not display on its website.

Find corporations in Raahe

Before deciding on hiring the company, you can learn about its past, foundation year, owner, financial accountability, licence, products offered and other vital info like location and contact number. That’s a great insight into the company’s activity that helps you understand whether it’s worth trusting or not.

Other than the register with businesses operating within Raahe, you can also find on this page advertisements from service providers. Whether you look for a housekeeper, plumber, building contractor, painter, or landscaping designer, this page will connect you to the needed company. You can also use this page to keep yourself up to date about a store’s 50% discount offer or a new collection in a fashion boutique.

We present the best companies in Raahe

In case you are a tourist, you will surely be interested in Bothnian Bay cruises and old town excursions a local tour operator organizes. You can find out about upcoming cultural festivals and art exhibitions that any traveler would enjoy visiting. The Raahe Guide lists all the popular companies in the center of Raahe and throughout the city.