Videos from Raahe

Raahe Guide shares Raahe videos to Raahe residents and those interested in Raahe.

  • forgotten-stories-episode-2-lampinsaari
  • raahe-finland-finland-4k-raahe-4k-christmas-in-raahe-winter-in-finland
  • wanha-raahe-aamu-usva
  • meijän raahe videoesittely
  • meijän raahe videoesittely
  • jannin ja lassin raahe games
  • rakastu raaheen
  • elixir teräsmatkalla raahessa
  • raahen saaristo
  • meriRaahen risteily- ja saarikuljetuspalvelut
  • pooki flakkaa - raahen meripäivät
  • raahe merisumu
  • sedov-the-worlds-largest-sailing-ship-port-of-raahe
  • raahen meripaivat 2019
  • raahe the end of summer
  • raahe-finland-finland-4k-raahe-4k-christmas-in-raahe-winter-in-finland
  • winter-flight-360-raahe-archipelago
  • Winter Flight Raahe archipelago
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  • raahe-aamu-usva
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Raahe Guide provides a collection of videos showing the city and its people from different perspectives. If you are a foreigner, this is a great chance to make yourself familiar with the history and landmarks of Raahe as well as the century-long Finnish traditions and the lifestyle of locals.

Strongly focused on revealing the touristic potential of Raahe to the whole world, most of the videos available on the page shed light on the city's beauties and the recreation activities you can engage in during your visit. You can take a virtual tour through the old town, taking delight in its architectural wonders inspired by the Renaissance era and throw a look in an old merchant house where delicious local food is served.

You can also watch plenty of videos about the seaside landscapes surrounding Raahe featuring the tranquil Bothian Bay and the marvelous coast with forests in the background - a breath-taking scene you will want to see with your own eyes being physically there. But, if you don't plan a trip to Raahe in the near future, you at least can enjoy the beauty through the screen of your gadget. Besides admiring the picturesque landscapes and eye-pleasing architecture, you can also take a dive into the lifestyle of people.

See how they have fun in the large waters of the gulf, enjoying kayaking and leisure cruises. Also, you can be a virtual guest to their traditional festivals, savouring the talent of artisans, the theatrical performances, the local music and the folk costumes. Moreover, you can watch vlogs of tourists who had the luck to visit Raahe and have decided to share their experience with other people. You get much useful info in these videos, for example how to reach Raahe, which pubs or café to visit and what kind of entertainment is available.