barbecue kiosks in raahe

Barbecue Kiosks in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best barbecue kiosks in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers of barbecues in Raahe to residents and travelers.

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Here is a list with the best grillrooms and barbecue kiosks in Raahe:

We present the best barbecue kiosks in Raahe


This nice place offers a multitude of yummy dishes that come in large portions and make sure to chase your hunger away. Some highlights include fried sausages with french fries, grilled chicken, kebabs, hot dogs, burgers, and salads. The grillroom is open all week round and has dine-in and drive-through options available. The opening hours are from 10AM to 12 on weekdays and from 6PM to 1AM on Saturday. On Sunday you can visit Torigrilli from 5PM to 11PM.

Katukeittiö Take Away

The place boasts some of the most delicious hamburgers in Raahe. There is a wide variety of burgers on the menu to make sure at least one suits your culinary preferences. Moreover, you can order kebabs with different salads and sauces and a traditional dish made of sausage slices and french fries, called Makkarapotut. Explore the menu to find other yummy stuff. Besides dini-in, drive-through and takeaway are available.

Raahen Kebab Grilli

Whether you are a big fan of kebab, pizza or grill, this place is your perfect choice. Here you can find many types of pizza, burgers and kebabs at reasonable prices. Also, you got many grill options, such as grilled sausage sandwich, nuggets, and sausage with french fries. The menu also includes baguettes, sauces, salads and drinks. The delicious food is completed with a relaxing atmosphere and a friendly staff. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 10:30AM to 10PM and on weekend from 12 to 10PM.

Kalastajan Grilli

A cute food kiosk overlooking the bay that serves the best fish and chips in Raahe. Besides their staple dish, they serve amazing burgers, hotdogs and refreshing drinks that you can enjoy at the nearby terrace. The terrace is spacious and offers stunning seaside views. The kiosk is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12 to 6PM (Friday/Saturday 12-10PM).

Kebab-Grilli Madonna

At this place you will find a myriad of kebab options as well as delicious burgers, salads, chicken baskets, french fries and rice. The kebab shop is spacious, allowing much space between tables, making it child-friendly. Takeaway is available. The personnel is kind and polite and offers fast service. You can visit this nice and cozy place on weekdays from 10AM to 10PM and on Saturday and Sunday from 2PM to 10PM.

Saloisten Reippari

Located in a beautiful natural landscape outside Raahe City, this restaurant allows you to enjoy your food in a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. You can have mouthwatering burgers, kebabs, steaks and many other delicacies and refreshments. The place’s opening hours are 10AM-10PM on weekdays and 12-8PM on Sunday and Saturday.

Järvelänjärven Grilli-Cafe

A laid back place in a stunning lake scenery that serves delectable barbecue food and coffee. The portions are large, the customer service is top-class and the surrounding landscape is mesmerizing. You can enjoy here a nice day out with your family. The barbecue kiosk is open Monday through Sunday from 11AM to 8PM.

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