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Beaches in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best beaches in Raahe and shows the waterside in Raahe for Raahe residents as well as Raahe travelers.

Looking for a beach in Raahe?

Want to soak up the Finland sun and enjoy the beauties of the gulf? Raahe Guide comes with numerous recommendations for beaches in Raahe – one of the most popular sea destinations in Finland. Being subject to warm summers and freezing winters, Raahe beaches offer a different kind of seaside experience unlike traditional beaches in some exotic countries where sun is up all year round. Raahe resorts provide recreation activities both during summer and winter, so no matter if you are a sun lover or a cold lover, the beaches of the northern coastal city are always happy to welcome you.

Find places to swim in Raahe

Having a large coast along the Bothnia Gulf, Raahe boasts a large number of beaches. You can choose a more secluded one with a narrow strip of sand and backed by majestic pine forests where you will find a peaceful nature retreat and get teased by the mild sun rays and gulf breeze. If you are a fan of large beaches, there are some resorts that offer vast patches of golden sand where you can sunbathe and take a stroll along the extended shoreline.

Aside from absorbing the sun on the beach, some resorts offer active recreation options to adventure-seeking travelers. You can paddle and sail to your pleasure in the vastness of the Bothnia Gulf where nice views open to the city’s architecture blending with the wild nature. Such activities are a great opportunity to combine relaxation with sport, allowing you to keep yourself in shape even during holidays.

We present the best beaches in Raahe

Moreover, some resorts have trails for jogging, hiking and cycling which are also perfect for an evening stroll where you can savour the serenity of the coast and forests. Do your research well on Raahe Guide to find beaches that offer an active winter scene in case you are a cold lover. Since the Bothnian Bay freezes in severe winters, travelers and residents are allowed to skate on the thick ice. The Raahe Guide lists all the popular beaches in the center of Raahe and throughout the city.