packhouse museum

Packhouse Museum

Located a stone’s throw from Raahe’s center, the Packhouse Museum is one of the oldest museums in Finland. Founded in 1862, the museum houses a large collection of artefacts related to the maritime history and cultural tradition of Raahe region. If you visit Raahe, don’t hesitate to include this landmark on your itinerary. You will be teleported back to the 19th century when Raahe was a prosperous sailing and shipbuilding city.

Enjoy the maritime past of Raahe

The museum offers its visitors the opportunity to learn about the sailing history of Raahe through the multitude of artefacts on display. Most of the objects are from the 19th century and were brought by sailors from faraway lands, including souvenirs, maritime necessities and exotic items. Miniature ships, charts and navigational tools are invaluable reminders of Raahe’s glorious maritime past.

packhouse museum

There are some artefacts outside of the Pakkahuone Museum that are soaked with memories from the sailing era. Near the museum is a giant black anchor that serves as a symbol of Raahe’s rich shipbuilding and seafaring heritage. Also, a beautiful sailing ship is moored to the shore, creating a nostalgic maritime ambience. A peaceful walk along the shore is a great way to learn about the Raahe’s history and enjoy the stunning seaside views. The museum’s most famous attraction, the oldest preserved diving suit in the world, The Old Gentleman of Raahe, is currently on display in the diving section of Crown Granary.

Explore the historical and cultural traditions of Raahe

Aside from maritime history, the Packhouse Museum shows you the evolution of Raahe’s traditions and culture throughout centuries. You will find plenty of rare items that describe the life of Raahe people in the past, such as women’s crafts, tableware, textiles, coins and toys. Visitors can’t ignore the beautiful collection of wood sculptures by Mikael Balt. They date from the medieval era and feature angels, saints and other biblical figures.

Where is the Packhouse Museum Located?

Guided tours

The Packhouse Museum offers general guided tours and tailored group tours. During the general guided tour you will explore both floors of the museum. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the sailing age artefacts, folk crafts, and exotic souvenirs donated by seafarers. The tour lasts for one hour, but you can shorten it to 30 minutes if you want to visit only the downstairs department. An appointment is needed for a guided tour at least one week before the planned visit.