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Pizzerias in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best pizzerias in Raahe and distributes advertisements and offers from Raahe pizzerias to Raahe residents and travelers.

Here you find the most popular pizzerias in Raahe.

Pizzeria Finlandia

Delicious pizza, friendly staff and good atmosphere make Finlandia one of the most popular pizzerias in Raahe. The restaurant offers a multitude of pizzas to everyone’s taste. Some of them include Capriciosa, Amaricana, Mexicana, Laponia and Marinara and a super large Family Pizza. Moreover, you can make your own pizza with four toppings if none of the menu options appeal to you. Still, it’s hard to imagine that, since Finlandia offers more than 40 varieties of pizzas topped with different combinations of meat, vegetables, fish, cheese and sauces.

Aside from the iconic Italian dish, the restaurant serves other delicious foods, such as kebab, burger, chicken steaks, sausage & french fries, and salads. Complement your pizza with other Finlandia’s delicacies for a hearty and satisfying meal. The pizzeria is open Monday through Friday from 9:30AM to 9PM, on Saturday from 12 to 5PM and on Sunday from 12 to 9PM. Takeaway and delivery is available.

Pizzeria Alto Mare

Conveniently located in the center of Raahe, this pizzeria makes a great place to dine for both locals and tourists. The choice extends to 36 varieties of pizza with a wide array of toppings, some of which are worldwide known, other have a traditional Finnish twist. If you want to add an extra topping to the chosen pizza, you are free to do it.

The chef will gladly adjust the pizza to your preferences. Alto Mare’s menu contains other dishes as well such as burgers, pancakes, salads and desserts. A lunch buffet is also available, offering kebabs, french fries, nuggets, wings, salads, and deep-fried onion rings. The buffet is open Monday to Friday from 11AM to 2PM and on Saturday from 12 to 5PM.

Manu Pizzeria

This pizzeria is a perfect place to kick back after a hard week or a discovery tour around Raahe. They will meet you with relaxing music, cozy atmosphere and most importantly delicious food. Pizza is obviously the most important dish on the menu with various pizzas available for dining-in and takeaway.

Besides pizza, you can order other dishes such as kebab, salads, and french fries. The restaurant also offers a lunch buffet for €9.90 on weekdays from 10:30AM to 2PM. Manu Pizzeria is located in Kauppakeskus Masto and is open Monday through Friday from 10:30AM to 8PM, on Saturday from 11AM to 8PM and on Sunday from 12 to 6PM.

Pattijoen Pizza & Kebab

This restaurant is located 6km from Raahe and focuses on two main dishes pizza and kebab that can be complemented with salad on request. People love this pizzeria for its delicious food, casual and warm atmosphere, friendly staff, good quality and price ration, and nature.

Being located in a quiet environment surrounded by a stunning rural scenery, the pizzeria is a great place to spend your weekend with your family. You can visit Pattijoen Pizza & Kebab Monday through Thrusday from 10:30AM-9PM. On Friday the restaurant is open until 10PM. On weekend, the working hours are 12-9PM.