vihanti museum

Vihanti Museum

Vihanti Museum is a historical museum that invites people of any ages to explore the past of Vihanti village. The museum exhibits old photographs and objects that describe the life of Vihanti throughout centuries. The collections include peasant artefacts and other interesting items that have a little story to tell about Vihanti. If you are a history buff, you will want to explore each item in detail, admiring its beauty and captivating story behind it. Professor Kustaa Vilkune expressed his admiration for the quality selection of artefacts exhibited in the warehouse museum. Some collections can grab the attention even of people who are not passionate about history.

vihanti warehouse museum

The history of Vihanti Warehouse Museum

The building dates from the mid 19th century and acted as a grain warehouse for a long period of time. In 1947, a meeting was held in the municipality hall that laid the foundation of Vihanti home region association. A year later, the work on the museum project started. The first step was to rent the old warehouse from the Vihanti municipality. Later, the building was donated to the local association. After the renovation ended, the artefacts were brought to the museum in large numbers, turning it into paradise for history lovers. In 1970, 3,000 artefacts and 500 photos were on display. Nowadays, there are more than 4,000 items.

Where is the Vihanti Museum located?


Visitors can only enjoy the ancient collections on summer days from 11AM to 2PM. However, if you arrive in the village outside of the opening hours, there is a chance you are allowed to visit the museum. Contact the reception to find out if they can arrange a tour for you. The museum is not intended on making a profit. Its main purpose is to spark people’s interest in history and encourage them to preserve local culture and heritage. That being said, the entrance fee to the museum is only 1 euro.

Vihanti home district association
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