beauty salons in raahe

Beauty Salons in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best beauty salons in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers of beauty salons to residents and travelers.

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In this page you will get to know the best beauty salons in Raahe.

We present the best beauty salons in Raahe

Kauneuspiste Helmi

The beauty salon offers a wide range of beauty treatments. One of them is HydraFacial, a full-spectrum treatment that uses intense vacuum suction to cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and remove blackheads from the skin pores. This revolutionary technology solves all your skin problems, making you look outstandingly beautiful and fresh in spite of your age.

Other skin therapies the salon provides include lemon-mind facial treatment for oily skin, moisturizing aloe vera treatment for dry skin, and stress-reducing chocolate therapy. Radio frequency therapy aims at making the skin firmer and smoother, improving blood circulation and shrinking fat cells. It is effective against eye bags, lip wrinkles and saggy neck skin.

Eyelash/eyebrow shaping and dyeing, epilation and sugaring are also available at the salon. You can book an appointment online or by phone.

Juhla Lumo

Get professional beauty treatments in a relaxing atmosphere at Juhla Lumo. The salon has a myriad of ways of making its customers satisfied with their appearance. It offers facial treatments including make-up, eyelash dyeing, eyebrow shaping and face sugaring. There are different types of make-up available: daily, party and wedding.

Besides facial enhancement, they offer hair extension, curling and coloring, gel nails, nail extensions, permanent varnish, foot treatment and hairstyles for different occasions.

At Juhla Lumo, they will also be happy to plan your event. Whether it’s a birthday, a party with friends, or a wedding, the event planning specialists will do all the difficult stuff for you. The salon works by appointment. Make sure to visit their website to find their contacts and learn more about their services and prices.


This is a hairdressing shop that additionally provides beauty services. The salon is known for its eco-friendly approach to hair and skin treatment using natural herbal cosmetics and biodegradable materials that protect the hair and cause no damage to the environment. The trained professionals offer eco hairstyles, hair care, head massages and make-up.

Whether you are looking for a light day-to-day make-up or a vibrant make-up for party or wedding, at Hiusmere you will get exactly what you need. They use organic certified cosmetics in the process of improving the appearance of their customers. The salon also includes a store where you can buy ecological cosmetics and hair care products. The beauty experts will guide you through your choice and explain how to use the products.

Studio Pocahontas

A nice and cozy beauty salon in the center of Raahe where you can benefit from nail treatment, hairstyles, hair dyeing, permanent pigmentation, eyelash extension and make-up. Relaxing and restorative massages are also available, including classical massage and hot stone massage performed by skilled therapists.

The staff is professional and friendly, follows your requirements and puts in all the effort and dedication to make you shine. You can also surprise your friends, mom, sister or wife with a gift card to Studio Pocohontas. Reservations are made online or by phone.

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