pharmacies in raahe

Pharmacies in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best pharmacies in Raahe and distributes advertisements and offers from Raahe pharmacies to Raahe residents and travelers to Raahe.

This page shows the pharmacies available in Raahe. Whether you have an emergency or suffer from a chronic disease, having a world-class pharmacy nearby your house is important. Luckily, Raahe has both physical and online pharmacies where you can get the relevant medicine for your health problem.

Are you looking for a pharmacy on duty in Raahe?

If you have an emergency in Raahe at night or in early morning when pharmacies are still closed, you should know that there are pharmacies that operate 24 hours. They are designed to help you any time you need, which makes them extremely convenient and even life-saving sometimes.

Some pharmacies have both physical and online presence. Ordering medicines online is easier and helps you avoid the long queues at the pharmacies and save your precious time. You also get access to a wide range of products that meet diverse medical needs. You may also be in luck to find cheaper drugs in online pharmacies.

Specialized pharmacies focus on medicines that are not available in ordinary pharmacies. They are used to deal with rare and complex diseases and since there are not many people who need them, pharmacies don’t keep them in stock. If you need a medicine of this kind, there are drugstores in Raahe that will deliver it for you.

We present the best pharmacies in Raahe

Kauppaporvarin apteekki

Conveniently located in the center of the town, Kauppaporvarin apteekki is a spacious and comfortable pharmacy with top-quality products and customer-friendly service. It offers a wide selection of drugs, including over-the-counter and prescription-based ones as well as cosmetics and hygiene items. The knowledgeable staff will guide through your choice making, recommending you the best products that suit your medical needs and budget.

The pharmacy is spacious and allows you to easily shop with a stroller or wheelchair. But if you can’t come to the pharmacy in person, you can place your order online and it will be delivered to you as fast as possible. The orders can be also picked up from the 24/7 pick-up box located in the pharmacy’s lobby. The pharmacy is open on weekdays from 8AM to 8PM and on Saturday from 9AM to 5PM. On Sunday it is closed. The online store is available around the clock.

Härkätorin apteekki

The pharmacy is located in Raahe downtown and is reputed for its world-class services. It boasts a rich diversity of drugs aimed at treating light emergencies, severe conditions and rare diseases. A nurse is available on weekdays to check your state of health and suggest you the best medicines for your ailment. You don’t have to make an appointment with the nurse.

Härkätorin apteekki also employs a cosmetologist that helps you find the skin care products that suit your body needs best. The pharmacy is spacious and friendly to customers with stroller, rollator, or wheelchair. The opening hours on weekdays are 8AM-7PM, on Saturday 9AM-5PM. While it doesn’t have an online shop, the pharmacy is open on Sundays (only on even weeks) from 11AM to 5PM.

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