dentists in raahe

Dentists in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best dentists in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers from dental clinics in Raahe to Raahe residents and travelers.

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If you have an oral health issue, there are several dental clinics in Raahe that can help you treat it. You got access to an extensive range of dental services provided by the best dentists and oral health specialists in the town. Find below a list of clinics that offer top-quality tooth treatment and maintenance.

We present the best dentists in Raahe

Raahe Hammastuttava

The clinic offers a wide range of dental care services including tartar removal, tooth extraction, crowns and bridges, tooth trauma and pain diagnosis and treatment and more. The specialists use their advanced skill and knowledge to eradicate the tooth problem so that the patient can smile again after the treatment. Their vast experience allows them to deal with a large number of dental issues and successfully tackle even the most severe conditions.

An important role in the clinic’s success is played by the high-quality dental equipment that helps to perform a whole spectrum of dentistry operations. The office is located in the center of Raahe so it’s easily reachable from every corner of the town. You can book an appointment on the phone or online. The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM.

PlusHealth Raahe Dental Center

The clinic has been offering dental care services since 1982, having treated thousands of patients and accumulated a ton of experience in dealing with dental conditions. The clinic’s driving force is a team of skillful specialists with a vast dentistry expertise. Professional care is guaranteed if you choose this reputable dental center. The services include dental examination, tooth extraction, tartar and plaque removal, dental implants, gum disease treatment, and oral hygiene. You can also benefit from more complex procedures such as oral surgery, dental coating, bite rails, and root canal treatment.

If you want to whiten your teeth, feel free to choose this clinic as they provide world-class opalescence whitening service using the most efficient bleaching gels and techniques. Your dental specialist will guide through your home whitening routine, making sure you reach the desired results in the shortest time possible. You can reserve your time on the dentist chair on the phone or online. The clinic has a website where you can learn about their services, prices and specialists.

Dentist Antero Suvela

The dental clinic has decades of experience in providing top-quality and customer-oriented services to people struggling with dental issues. Whether you are a local or a Raahe visitor, the staff will treat you with much care and give their best to return the shining smile on your face. The clinic offers a variety of services such as dental examination, dentures, crowns and ceramic patches, root canal treatment, X-ray imaging, gum hygiene and treatment, and tooth repair.

You will be treated in a cozy office with latest generation tools that minimize patient’s discomfort and ensure longer-lasting results. The crowns, bridges and root canal treatment come with a one-year warranty. You can book an appointment from morning to evening on the phone. If you need more information about the clinic’s services, prices and contacts, visit their website.

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