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Raahe Guide shares sports news, stories and narratives from Raahe to Raahe residents and those interested in Raahe sports events.

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Are you interested in sports? Raahe Guide provides you with the latest news in the city’s sports life to help stay up to date with all events that happened recently or are going to happen in the near future. The page keeps you informed about the recent results of local teams, providing scores, pre-match and post-match comments of players and team staff as well highlights from the games. Aside from giving statistical numbers, the news also comes with an analytic approach. Sport experts analyze the games, express their professional opinion about the mistakes committed by players and managers and predict how the championship can possibly unfold in the next rounds. 

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The page covers all kinds of sports popular in Raahe. Whether you are a fan of football, pesäpallo, rallycross or hockey, be sure to be the first to know about the performance of your favorite team. On Raahe Guide, you can not only see what happened after the game, but also be kept up to date about pre-match events. You can see who makes the first team, who is injured as well as comments before the game. Furthermore, you get notifications about major changes in your favorite team. For example, you will learn which players left the team and who are the new ones, as well as find out curious facts about the new coach. These updates are easily found on Raahe Guide. 

Moreover, the page features captivating stories and narratives about sport in Raahe. For example, you can learn about the rise to success of a local athlete, the struggles he or she went through, the first titles, injuries he or she overcame to become a national champion and a world-class athlete. Sometimes, you can stumble upon an article about the preparation of a team for the new season or about a young player who ended his baseball career to become a referee.

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