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Raahe Guide presents the best events in Raahe and share Raahe happening to Raahe residents and those interested in events in Raahe.

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Raahe Guide Events is a page dedicated to entertainment events in Raahe city. The page can be accessed by both Raahe residents and tourists who are eager for some fun and want to enlarge their horizons by learning new things about the city’s history, culture and traditions. The page provides plenty of entertainment and recreation opportunities to all preferences.

If you are passionate about art and culture, there are a variety of events you can visit, like theater performances, museum exhibitions and traditional festivals where craft masters showcase their best artworks and outstanding talent. A great opportunity to break cultural boundaries and come a step closer to Finnish past and traditions.

If you are in love with music, you have a large choice of music events to attend. From local bands that make you familiar with Finnish folk music to jazz concerts that help you unwind after a hard working week.

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For sports enthusiasts there are open-air recreation events like kayaking and sailing in the gulf where you also get the unique chance of admiring the city’s impressive landscapes and architecture from the boat. Make sure you stay up to date about new events to be able to book in advance. Aside from sports leisure activities, you can also find professional sports events you can attend in your free time, such as football games and hockey games.

If you are tired of watching tv series at home, the city hall shows movies three times a week. Don’t forget to check out the schedule to see when your favorite movie will be on the screen. Raahe Guide also notifies you about excursions around Raahe.

We present the best events in Raahe

Book a tour to know the city better, get an insight into its cuisine, Renaissance-inspired architecture and culture. Visit the old town with its historic monuments and churches and explore the amazing nature that surrounds Raahe. The Raahe Guide lists all the popular events in the center of Raahe and throughout the city.