kari juva sculpture park

Kari Juva Sculpture Park

Kari Juva sculpture park was established in Raahe in 2008 and consists of 19 Kari Juva works. The artist was born in Helsinki in 1934 and spent his youth years in Raahe. Juva’s art is displayed in several places across Finland, including Pyhäjoki church, Pyhäjoki town hall, Raahe library, and some places in Helsinki.

Juva offered Pyhäjoki church the wonderful wall relief “Ten Virgins”. The parish is also decorated with a Juva’s relief called “They saw Christ”. Some Juva’s works you can enjoy while roaming Helsinki streets are: “Thalia ja Pegassos”, “Tannerin portti” and “Lukusali”.

The artist’s works can be seen in Raahe as well. In front of the library you will find an impressive statue with the name “The Wind of Sails”. The central school takes pride in the miniature sculpture “Girl and Guitar”. Juva was passionate about miniature sculptures. Most of them represent female figures that seem to be moving.

The sense of movement was achieved by giving dynamic and chaotic shapes to the women’s clothes. For example, in “Windy Day” the woman’s coat is raised and undulated, giving the impression that it’s blowing in the wind.

Sculpture park

The artist donated 19 bronze-cast sculptures to the city of Raahe. They were placed in Raatihuoneenpuisto and were framed with flowers. The works represent the art of Juva in different decades. His entire career is displayed in the park and can be explored in a couple of minutes.

sculpture park kari juva

During is speech at the park’s foundation ceremony, the artist stated that he would like people not only to see but also to touch his works. This would allow them to feel every tiny detail of the sculputures and come to a better understanding of his art. This is a good news especially for families with children where the little explorers can have a full-scale art experience by seeing and touching the bronze monuments.


The women sculptures are slim and gracious and their names are music to the ear: Ballerina, Muse on the Beach, Paris Woman, Lady in the Park, and Girl from Karelia. The male statues exude power and vigor, depicting hard-working heroes, blacksmiths and seafarers.

For example, Juva’s work “Wind of Sails” is a symbol of protection for Raahe sailors in all seas in the world as well as a symbol of Raahe’s glorious sailing ship age and current strong economic growth. Young Anna monument was unveiled in 2010 and is equipped with a bronze lamp. It is dedicated to the Raahe librarian Anna Mustonen. In 2012, the sculpture collection was completed with “Walkian Harness” which is an ideal copy. The original may be found in Independence Park.

Where is the Kari Juva Sculpture Park located?

After receiving the donation, the Raahe city hall wanted to build an outdoor recreation space where art blends with nature. The green plan aimed at placing sculptures and plants in the same area so people can have a leisure stroll in the park, eating ice-cream and soaking in the magnificent art. All sculptures are illuminated, so they can be enjoyed even during dark hours.