transport companies in raahe

Transport Companies in Raahe

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We present the best transport companies in Raahe

Pentti Hämeenaho Oy

The company offers transportation services to the Raahe steel plant and other industries. Its fleet consists of 120 modern units including trucks, earthmoving vehicles, forklifts, loaders, crushing machinery and more. A part of the equipment is used for factory operations such as loading and transporting steel plates and coils. Another part can be rented by companies for construction and civil engineering purpose.

Pentti Hämeenaho Oy offers the following rental machinery: excavators, wheel loaders, forklifts, drilling equipment, and trucks for soil materials delivery. The company took part in many engineering projects over years like earthworks for the foundation of wind farms and the construction of roads in the Raahe region.

Kuljetus Haikara Oy

This is a long-established transport company that caters to a wide array of transport needs. Since its foundation in 1960, the company has been completing its fleet regularly with modern vehicles and technologies that allowed it to enlarge its range of services and improve work quality and productivity.

Today, Kuljetus Haikara Oy operates in different fields including waste management, lifts, earthmoving and soil transport. Several powerful trucks with spacious trailers are always ready to hit the road and transport the construction materials, waste or machinery safely and on time. You can also rent pallets and containers of different sizes depending on the load to be transported.

Korsu Oy

The company has a large fleet of trucks that transport different kinds of goods. There are containers for the easy loading and transportation of dry materials like powders, grains and minerals. Versatile equipment is used to transport cargo containers from the ports of northern Finland to the neighboring countries.

The fleet also has bulk vehicles suitable for transporting sand, recycled materials and other goods in high quantities. For extra bulky goods, there are special trucks equipped with long trailers and additional axis. They are designed to handle over-wide, too high, too long or too heavy items.

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