podiatrists in raahe

Podiatrists in Raahe

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Raahe Guide lists all Raahe podiatrists in the city center and in the entire city area. Here you can find Raahe’s most popular podiatrists.

Hoitopiste Eija Kettukangas

The clinic is oriented on treating a vast range of foot conditions. Patients receive overall care in case of fungal nails, plantar fascitis, sports injury, foot posture, cracked heels, verruca and other issues. The podiatrists has an extensive experience in diagnosing and treating foot conditions.

They use modern equipment and advanced techniques in removing the foot discomfort and get patients enjoy the feeling of walking. The clinic’s visiting hours are 10AM-5PM on weekdays.

Jalka- Ja Kauneushoitola Merikaisla

The podiatrist’s office is located on the second floor of the shopping center Masto. The range of services includes nail cutting, cuticle cleaning, foot massage, leg pain relief, paraffin treatment, and luxury treatment with a softening mask and exfoliation. The cosmetologist uses high-quality skin care products and products for alleviating leg pain.

You can book a face care session as well and benefit from such treatments as diamond grinding, anti-ageing microneedling and IPL light impulse therapy. There is no receptionist in the clinic, so the podiatrist deals with calls herself.

She may not not answer the phone during treatments. In this case, you can leave her a message and she will get back to you when she is free. You can also make an appointment on the clinic’s website or email.

Hierontapiste Lirppavarvas

The clinic specializes in foot massage and treatment of foot conditions. If you struggle with foot pain, you can book an appointment to get your foot investigated by an experienced podiatrist and be provided with a proper treatment.

Whether you have light or severe pain, you will get a professional soothing massage that will relieve tension and eliminate your foot discomfort. You can also benefit from nail, cuticle and foot skin icare. You can make an appointment by phone.

Raahen Jalkapiste

This podiatrist office offers overall care for aching feet. They use state-of-the-art tools and products to improve your foot skin condition and remove tension. The skilled podiatrist works on cuticle cleaning, nail polishing, skin soothing and exfoliation using top-quality products.

The massage therapy will alleviate your foot pain by improving circulation and fixing the foot posture. You can book an appointment by phone.

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