funeral homes in raahe

Funeral Homes in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best funeral homes in Raahe and distributes their announcements to residents of Raahe and those interested in Raahe.

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Raahe Guide lists all funeral homes in the city center and in the entire city area. Here you can find the most popular funeral homes in Raahe.

We present the best funeral homes in Raahe

Raahen Kukka ja Hautaustoimisto A. Paldanius Ky

Here the relatives of the deceased can find a comprehensive selection of funeral services. They are helped with the burial permit and funeral invitations. The staff writes the text, prints the invitations and sends them to people.

It also deals, if needed, with the burial planning, particularly the choice of the burial site, the church arrangement and the decoration of the coffin, altar and grave. The flower shop offers a multitude of options to suit the requirements of every family and individual.

Similarly, there is a large choice of coffins and cremation urns. If you need to install a gravestone in memory of your dear person, the funeral home helps you with a versatile selection of gravestones. You can order a ready-made model or a customised one.

Korhosen Hautaustoimisto

The funeral home offers a wide array of funeral services starting from planning the farewell ceremony to organizing a memorial service. The staff will help you obtain the burial permit and send death notice to relatives, employer and bank.

You will also get support in planning and organizing the funeral event that includes choosing the blessing time and place, the burial site and the transfer time. There is a wide selection of coffins and flower arrangements to choose from that vary by size, color and style.

If you want the chapel or church to be decorated with floral ornaments, let the funeral director know about it. The company has a fleet of new cars for a reliable transportation of the deceased from the time of death to the morgue and from the morgue to the burial site.

In addition, memorial services are available to those who want to remember their loved ones. They include tombstones, epitaphs, restoration of graves, and engraving of old stones.

Small animal crematorium Lemmikki Enkelit

This is a funeral home that specializes in pet funeral services. You can find a wide variety of ash containers that are designed to suit your pet’s personality and your own needs. There are four materials available: metal, ceramic, wood and linen. Each type of urn has its own charm and comes in a special design with fine details and engravings.

You can complete the urn with a commemorative plaque available in different colors and sizes. While you can’t carry the ash container everywhere you go, you might want to have a something on you that reminds you of your loved pet. In this case, you can use an ash necklace which is essentially a jewelry that contains a tiny amount of cremation ashes.

Lemmikki Enkelit small animal crematorium offers a large selection of necklaces of different colors, shapes and sizes. You can choose a heart, a bullet or a paw. Also, it is possible to engrave a touching text on the necklace dedicated to your pet.

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