car inspection stations in raahe

Car Inspection Stations in Raahe

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Where are car inspection stations located?

Car owners must routinely check and test their cars for safety, emissions and general quality and use standards. Some drivers dread these inspections, while others see them as a necessity to ensure the safety and functionality of the car.

A car or vehicle inspection is a service provided by an expert or expert service provider, where a trained inspector inspects your vehicle inside and out to find potential problems that exist or are coming. This information is then delivered directly to you so you know exactly if there is a problem with the vehicle in question.

The inspectors will check your vehicle using their special checklist and will take a close look at the inside and outside of your car. They use special tools and facilities to check everything possible.

Are you looking for a car inspection station in Raahe?

Are you looking for the nearest, cheapest or perhaps the longest open station? Below you will find a list of reliable car inspection services in Raahe.

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A-Katsastus Raahe

A-Katsastus is the leading provider of car inspections in Finland. The service offers periodic inspection for light cars and vans as well as trailers with the maximum weight 3500kg. A team of skilled professionals will assess your vehicle to close detail and come up with a comprehensive report on its condition. You can make an appointment online or by phone. Inspections without appointment are also available.

Aside from vehicle inspection, A-Katsastus offers driver’s testing and registration services. A car accessory shop is under the same roof. It has a large variety of high-quality accessories for all types of cars. The inspection prices can be found in their website.

Suomen Laatukatsastus

The company deals with car periodic inspections, emission measurements, import inspections and registrations. It inspects cars whose weight exceeds 3500kg as well. It’s better to make an appointment prior to coming so your car gets inspected without queue. If you need a periodic inspection, you can also come without appointment. For registrations, appointment is a must. You can call or send an email to reserve a time for your vehicle. You can check the prices on their website.

Saloisten Katsastus Oy

The company offers a wide range of inspection services such as inspection of digital tachographs, inspection of speed limiters and brakes, inspection of modified vehicles and inspection of heavy equipment. They also deal with car registration and insurance. The staff is friendly and happy to advice you on matters that concern you. You can book an appointment online or by phone. You can easily make the appointment on the company’s website. Cars without appointment are also accepted.

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