furniture stores in raahe

Furniture Stores in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents Raahe’s best furniture stores and distributes announcements and offers from furniture stores to residents and travelers.

We present the best furniture stores in Raahe

Are you looking for a good furniture store in Raahe?

Raahe Guide lists all Raahe Furniture Stores in the center and throughout the city. Whether you want to replace the old furniture in your house or furnish your new apartment, this page will be useful for you. It covers some of the best furniture stores around Raahe.


Sotka is one of the leading furniture retail chains in Finland with a network of stores spread across the country. The store in Raahe is located at Antinkankaantie 33, a short drive from the city’s downtown. Here you can find an impressive variety of furniture of different models, sizes and colors.

You can find sofas, beds, wardrobes, dining sets, carpets, lighting fixtures, office furniture and children’s furniture of the highest quality. A wide array of décor pieces is available as well including drapes, flower stands, wall shelves, table covering, patterned rugs and decorative pillows.

Busy customers and those lacking transport may place the order online. The store will deliver the piece of furniture all the way inside. You may also order the removal of the old furniture for a price. To save money, you can pick up the order with your own transport from the pick-up warehouse.

The website is customer-friendly, allowing for an easy navigation through the virtual shelves. You can filter out the items by size, color, material, softness and other criteria. An alternative to making the purchase online is visiting the brick-and-mortar store where you can try out the furniture and get a real feel of it. The visiting hours are 10-18 on weekdays and 10-15 on Saturday.


The Raahe’s office of the famous Danish retail chain is located at Jokelantie 3. It offers a great selection of furniture for bedroom, living room, bathroom, office and dining area. Jysk has earned a worldwide reputation for supplying inexpensive and cozy sleeping products.

Nevertheless, the brand takes pride in other quality minimalist furniture like chairs, shelving, rugs, dining tables, drapes and wardrobes. Apart from indoor pieces, you will find furniture for outdoor use, such as sun loungers, backyard benches, garden cushions and pavilions. You can shop in the Jysk’s physical or online store.

Online shopping is convenient as you get access to a plethora of filters that help you find the right product in seconds. You can pick up your purchase on your own from the store’s warehouse or order delivery to your address. The opening hours are 10-18 on weekdays, 10-15 on Saturday and 12-16 on Sunday.


Situated in the village of Pattijoki east of Raahe, the store may seem far if you live in downtown Raahe. However, you can anytime place an online order and let the furniture be delivered to your address. The store offers furniture for a variety of purposes including sleeping, sitting, storage and dining.

You get access to a wide selection of beds such as Yankee beds, loft beds, and spring mattresses coming along with a wide choice of sheets, blankets and pillows. Don’t hesitate to check out the quality garden furniture that includes swings, terrace chairs and garden pavilions. You can visit the store Monday to Friday from 10AM to 6PM.

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