banks in raahe

Banks in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best banks in Raahe and distributes announcements and offers from banks to residents and travelers.

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Raahe Guide lists all Raahe banks in the city center and in the entire city area. Here you can find Raahe’s most popular banks.

We present the best banks in Raahe

Raahentienoon Osuuspankki

The bank relies on responsibility, closeness to people and shared success in its operations. As an independent bank, it takes decisions fast and boasts high responsiveness to people’s financial needs. You have access to a wide variety of financial services such as handling daily transactions, credits and loans, saving solutions, investments and insurances.

You can also receive legal support related to taxation and real estate matters. In addition to using the bank as an ordinary customer, you have the chance to become a customer-owner. This status entitles you to benefits such as reduced transaction costs and valuable OP bonuses. To become a customer-owner you must pay a membership fee. A bigger investment will result in more generous benefits.

Nordea Raahe

This is a modern bank in the center of Raahe with a wide selection of banking services aimed at helping you manage your financial operations easily. You can download Nordea’s mobile app to carry out your banking transactions fast and securely. The bank claims to have the easiest card policy in the area.

Opening and closing a card is an effortless task. You can apply for a new card physically or in the mobile app. The bank offers several loan options. An assistant will help you choose the most suitable type of loan. You can apply for a mortgage as well.

Furthermore, the bank delivers viable saving solutions, helping you manage your savings wisely and profitably. If you look for insurance solutions, the bank has got your back here too. You can get life, critical illness, car, home, unemployment and child insurance.

Avain Säästöpankki

Avain Säästöpankki offers a comprehensive package of financial services including accounts and cards, loans and credits, savings and investments, insurance, children’s money and retirement financial solutions. The bank’s staff is polite and dedicated to solving customers’ issues.

It provides support in creating any type of bank account, from current and savings to rent security and child’s use. The bank offers student loans, car loans and consumer credits. If you want to apply for a loan, you can conveniently fill out the loan application form in the online bank. The whole process takes a few minutes.

You will have to answer some questions related to the type of loan you want, your employment status and whether you take it alone or with someone else. The internet banking feature is user-friendly, allowing you to perform your financial operations quickly from the comfort of your home.

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