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Libraries in Raahe

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Raahe city library

The Raahe city library is located near the town hall and the Kari Juva sculpture park. The renovated library provides a large spectrum of services that extends far beyond lending books. You have the opportunity to connect to a Wi-Fi network, read magazines in paper or electronic format, visit the home area room where you can learn about the local history, enjoy art exhibitions and listen to literature recordings.

You can also play console games in between your hard studying sessions. In addition, you can use the printer and scanner. If you don’t like working in the common area, you can use one of the researcher’s rooms that are designed for people who need intimacy and silence. If you are going to work on a group project, you can rent one of the library’s meeting rooms.

Pattijoki library

The library is located in the village of Pattijoki and is part of the OUTI library group. It is located near the Pattaste school, being easily accessible for students. The library offers lending services and computers with high-speed network connection that you can use for free. You can read a wide variety of e-magazines and paper magazines, print, scan, copy, listen to music or audiobooks.

Storytelling sessions are organized on regular basis where all children who are passionate about storytelling can participate. Customers of Raahe City Library can use the services of Pattijoen Library because they both belong to the OUTI library group. They have the same material collection and library card. Similarly, customers of Pattijoki Library can enjoy the whole array of services of the Raahe City Library.

Vihanti library

The Vihanni Library is located in the building of Vihanni’s community center and is member of OUTI library group. The services include lending, printing, magazines in different formats, free of charge computers, free Wi-Fi and console games. Art fans can enjoy exhibitions that change on monthly basis. If you need to hold a meeting, you can rent a meeting space for a small fee.

Haapajoki library

Haapajoki library is one of the three offices of Raahe City Library outside of Raahe. It is located at the former Alatie School. You can use the Raahe City Library card to access the Haapajoki Library’s material collection. Besides, there is a computer visitors can use for free.

Library cars

Raahe has a library bus that travels to Vihanti and Saloinen areas regularly. The Saloinen van travels around the village on Tuesdays, visiting the school and the kindergarten. The Vihanti van travels around Vihanti area on Mondays. Among destinations are the school, the village hall, the snow lake and the shop yard.

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