artists and bands in raahe

Artists and Bands in Raahe

Raahe Guide presents the best bands in Raahe and distributes gig announcements and events of artists from Raahe to residents and travelers.

Bands in Raahe

Raahe has many talented singers and bands in different genres. Some of them are:

Neon Puutarha is a four-member band founded in 2019. The genres covered range from punk to ballads. They focus on melancholic lyrics that touch people’s soul strings. The band is made of four friends and this strong connection between them is felt and seen in every their charming performance.

The Government is a band from Vihanti founded in 2013. The band started from a hobby and evolved into a popular music project. At the beginning, the guys performed in the nearby areas, then they stepped up their game with larger gigs.

The Heatons is rock band that puts the emphasis on distorted guitar. It consists of a vocalist, a guitarist, a bassist and a drummer.

merops. is a 5-piece band from Raahe based on synthetic rock and pop. The music resembles the 1970 style. There is a female vocalist, and four men that deal with guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

Want more exposure?

In today’s competitive world, releasing a high-quality song is not enough. With hundreds and thousands of new artists and bands trying to promote their music worldwide, getting your song on someone’s playlist is a challenging task. Making good music requires talent, authenticity and a lot of effort. Besides, you have to use the right methods to popularize your song and bring together an audience.

The first valuable tip for newbie musicians would be to engage with a community. To better understand the audience you are targeting, you should meet with enthusiasts from your music universe. Go to concerts, gigs, festivals and forums that correspond to your music style and get in touch with people who would potentially listen to your music.

You can check out the Raahe’s Event Calendar to find the best music events for you.


Another important step is to promote your music on social media. Even the best song may remain in shadow if it’s not shared on social networks. Create an official page of your band on social media platforms and try to catch people’s attention. You can stand out with a striking visual identity, adding pictures, videos, reels and creating an eye-catching band logo that would stay in people’s mind forever.

You can also hire a social media marketing specialist to boost your visibility and build recognition.


While social media plays a huge role in promoting a song or a concert, you should expose your content on other platforms as well. Advertising your upcoming concert on a local news website, a billboard, or a music magazine will get more people come to your concert.

The Raahe’s Event Calendar includes all major cultural events that are going to take place in the city in the following days and months.


Whether you are new or old in the music industry, you have to work hard on increasing your visibility and keeping your audience loyal.

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