mikonkari recreation area

Mikonkari Recreation Area

Mikonkari recreation area is located near Pattijoki and consists of three trails, Mikonkari (1.7km), Parri (800m) and Rivi (2.5km). Here is an overview of each trail.

Mikonkari recreation area trails

Mikonkari trail

The trail is marked in yellow and starts at Mikonkari beach parking lot. A graveled path leads you to the beach. The terrain is quiet pleasant to walk on, but there are some bumpy and rocky areas. The height differences are moderate. On the way to the beach, you will see a few granite boulders. The beach is beautiful in every part of the day, but you’ll hit the jackpot if you come here in the evening when the setting sun is throwing an orange tint over the landscape.

mikonkari trail

There is a campfire site near the beach with benches. Since there is no shed with firewood on the site, you should bring your own firewood to heat up food or cook. The beach has different terrain in different parts of the trail. There are grass sections, rocky sections, and a sand dune.


The trail boasts a 9 meter-tall birdwatching tower. It has two observation platforms, the top and the bottom, which allow it to fit more people at once. Needless to say, the top deck offers the best views of the sea, coast and waterfowl.

mikonkari bird tower
Parri path

Parri path is marked in red and starts at the caravan park and ends at Parri where a magic view to Mikokari beach and the Tasku island in the distance opens. As you leave the caravan park, you enter a spruce forest with a slightly bumby and rooty terrain. For a part of the trip, you will have to walk on the flat roadside, then you will get back onto forest path.

parri path

The hardest part is the rocky and hilly section. You have to take care when climbing the rocks because they get steep in places and may be slippery from rain. On top of Parri, you can take in the Mikonkari tip and the beautiful sea. In clear weather, you can see the Tasku island from afar. You can take a snack break on a boulder while enjoying the breath-taking scenery.

cliffs of parri
Rivi route

You can recognize the Rivi route by the blue markings. It starts at the parking lot of Mikonkari beach and goes into the forest. The trail runs almost completely in the forest with a few clearing sections along the river. Spruce, willow, pine, juniper and sedges are some of the tree species you will meet while walking along the route.

rivi route

The forest church of Pattijoki surrounded by trees serves an attraction and a picnic place for hikers and tourists. It was built from wood in 1995 by scouts. Rivi trail has small differences in height, but most of it is bumpy and rooty. Also, there are muddy terrains and dirty puddles that can be crossed on wood bridges.

forest church

That being said, consider wearing rubber boots and walking slowly for your own safety. The bridges may be slippery from rain, so don’t run on them. Even at a slow pace, the nature trail may be completed in about an hour. Did you know that new verbal route signs have now been installed in the entire Mikonkari recreation area, so we recommend trying the routes.

Where is the Mikonkari recreation area located?