Travel Tips for Traveling to Denmark

Denmark takes pride in a lot of places of natural and architectural beauty that can cut your breath away. Get a ticket to this Nordic country to enjoy the mesmerizing dunes, lush forests and stunning seaside views. Spend your holidays in a compact and lively city or in a cozy and peaceful cottage on the sea coast. Here are some places you should include on your bucket list for your Denmark trip.

Geographical location

Denmark’s only land border neighbor is Germany in the south, but in the north it is separated from Sweden only by the narrow Juutinrauma strait, over which a new railway and road bridge/tunnel connection has been built.

Denmark’s largest cities

One of the best ways to get close up to Danes and their lifestyle is by visiting the Danish Big Four that includes the country’s four largest cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. The cities are located in different parts of Denmark so each of them has their own vibe and attractions.

The capital Copenhagen is a buzzing city where classical architecture blends ideally with the modern lifestyle. The city is packed with museums, statues and heritage sights and plenty of cafés, shops and restaurants. There are many ways to explore the Copenhagen harbor. You can enjoy a floating picnic, take a swim in the harbor baths, or cruise on your own along the city sights using a kayak or swan-shaped boat.


The city of Aarhus is surrounded by forests, beaches and national parks. Concomitantly, it is dotted with ingenious cultural sights, like the Infinite Bridge and the ARoS Art Museum with a rainbow panorama on the roof. Odense is a cozy city known for its quaint architecture and Hans Christian Andersen legacy. Aalborg draws visitors’ attention with its colorful street art, futuristic architecture and viking stories.

Wonders of nature

Denmark abounds in natural wonders. You can explore the broad dunes, twisted forests, rolling hills and high cliffs overlooking the ocean. Visit the National Park to take in the stunning natural scenery and explore the local wildlife including red deer and eagles.

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The white cliffs of Møn are one of the most famous natural wonders in Denmark. Get to know the massive chalk cliffs and plants associated with them. You can find fossils at the foot of the cliffs. Impressive seascape views can be enjoyed from the top of the chalk mountains.

Don’t hesitate to include Råbjerg Mile on your itinerary. It’s the largest dune in Denmark that migrates 15m every year to the northeast. If you are in Denmark to explore its amazing waters, the joining of Skagerrak Sea and Kattegat Sea will spark your interest. The collision creates such a powerful force that swimming and diving is forbidden. However, you can dip your toes in the shallow waters where the seas join.

Danish holiday cottages

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If you really want to feel how is it like to spend your time like a Dane, you should rent a holiday cottage. Holiday cottages are cozy houses located far from the city buzz where Danes come to relax and spend quality time with their family.

The houses vary from old-fashioned cottages in the middle of the forest to modern houses on the ocean coast. Whichever type of house you choose, you are guaranteed to sleep amongst simple Danish furniture, eat traditional Danish food and enjoy maximum space to relax.

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark

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