Raahe Archipelago

The Raahe Archipelago has won the Excursion Destination of the Year 2016 award.

The city’s short-distance maritime destinations are designed so that you can easily explore the destinations from the city on foot without the need for a means of transport. What a delight it is to fry a sausage in the beak of a stick by the open fire and sip on top of good sooty coffee! Or take a peek at the birds from the bird towers and explore the scenically valuable whole shaped by the uplift of the Raahe archipelago and early livelihoods such as grazing, fishing and shipping.

The Raahe archipelago is an exciting destination and belongs to the Natura 2000 network. The archipelago includes both the more forested islands near the coast and small open islets further afield on the high seas. The Raahe archipelago comprises a total of 36 islands, some larger and some smaller. The archipelago offers a variety of things to do – you can paddle, fish, ice fishing, ski, walk, berry picking, kick sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing or just enjoy a sooty pot of coffee in the heart of nature. Or would you be interested in moonlighting to Pocket Island, fat bike riding or geocaching? You can also stay overnight in the archipelago, as several islands have desert huts and sheds for year-round use. The Raahe Archipelago is the winner of the Excursion Destination of the Year 2016 competition.

The Raahe archipelago area is also of considerable value as a resting and feeding area for birds. The importance of the area for birds is emphasized by the small size of the archipelago in the central parts of the Gulf of Bothnia. The islands and islets of the Raahe archipelago are also valuable in terms of vegetation. There are several rare and endangered plant species in the Raahe archipelago. The majority of the area of ​​the area belongs to important Natura 2000 habitats, which contributes to the significance of the area.

Book a few logs in the backpack for the trip, if the firewood of the campfire site has run out and enjoy the trip in a natural setting!

Come and get to know Raahe’s comfortable maritime city hiking destinations!

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