vihanti nature trails

Vihanti Nature Trails

Vihanti nature trails is a network of marked routes between the villages of Vihanti with a total length of over 100 km. The routes, resting sites and signposts have been renovated in the recent years. There are more than 20 cabins and campfire sites in perfect condition along the trails. Hikers can enjoy the nature and discover the ancient history of Vihanti villages.

Most of the paths pass by Stone Age settlements, hence, you can make many ancient discoveries while roaming the area. For example, you can find deer hunting pits that are a common occurrence in the forests. Make sure you walk carefully to prevent getting into the trap yourself. Also, there are spear tips along the trails that suggest about the battles with the catch.

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The routes are marked with a large number of blue signposts. This makes them easier to navigate and reduces the risk of hikers to get lost in the vast and unknown territory. Most of the trails run on flat forest roads and paths. In some areas, you will have to deal with rocks, tree roots and wetlands. All routes abound in nature beauty.

Whatever path you choose, you will pass by giant trees, berry shrubs and gorgeous forest flowers. Some trails pass by lakes and rivers, offering amazing sceneries. The lakes are available for swimming, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing.

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Birdwatching towers

The birdwatching towers give you opportunities for observing the wildlife and admiring the picturesque landscapes. The marsh areas are known for their lower passability, but there are many species of animals you can enjoy. Luckily, wooden bridges have been installed over the swamps in the recent years, making them easier to navigate. Still, they may get slippery in rainy conditions. So, be vigilant while crossing them. There are many information boards along the routes that inform hikers about the ancient settlements and different flora and fauna species that are found in the area.

Resting places

If you tend to make several snack stops during your hiking trip, Vihanti nature trails are here to satisfy your needs. More than 20 resting sites wait for tired hikers to rest their feet and eat a snack in comfortable conditions in the middle of the forest. There are renovated huts that are ready to shelter you in windy, rainy and cold weather.

Since some trails are used for skiing in winter, the cabins are a perfect place to hide yourself from the frost. Most of the resting sites have places to make fire and sheds filled with firewood. There are outdoor tables and benches as well where you can dine under the clear sky.

Where is Vihanti Nature Trails Located?

Accommodation and other services

Accommodation options are also available along Vihanti nature trails and within Vihanti villages. You can rent a private cottage equipped with everything needed for a comfortable and peaceful stay. Being located close to inhabitanted areas makes Vihanti trails incredibly convenient and safe. After you complete the trail, you can rent a room in the nearby village and rest before you go home. Stores, cafes and other facilities are also in easy reach.