varvi nature trail

Varvi Nature Trail

Varvi nature trail is a 2.3km long trail that runs along the sea shore. The trail is easy to navigate being equipped with guide signs and having an easy terrain with no rocks, bumps and height differences. It’s a perfect holiday destination for the whole family. The trial can be completed in 1.5 hours. If you hike at a fast pace and don’t stop for resting or admiring the views, you can finish in about 1 hour.

The starting point is the Varvi parking lot, Varvintie 53. At the beginning of the route you will see two guide boards, one with the map of the area and another with information about the shipbuilding in Varvi during the golden age of sailing ships in the 19th century. Once you read the info, you can set out your hiking trip. For the most part, the trail follows the beach and offers amazing seascapes to admire on a slow pace.

Near the beach there is a playground with slides, swings and other nice things for kids. There is also exercising equipment for adults. If you don’t want to exercise, there are tables and benches where you can rest and stare at the beautiful sea. In close vicinity to the playground there is a house build by the village association of Varvi with room for about 40 people.

The nature trail has a diverse flora. There will be some guide signs along the route specifying the kind of plants that grow in the area. There will be also a sign notifying you about a boat sculpting workshop that you are about to pass by. The workshop was built in the place of the former sawmill. Nearby there is a playing area for dogs so if you have a dog, don’t hesitate to take it on your hiking trip. Later on you will pass near the Pirttiniemi beach. You can stop by and enjoy the stunning seaside views one more time.

Like other nature trails, Varvi nature trail has a campfire site meant to help you recreate after a while of hiking. This one is situated right on the sandy beach overlooking the sea. Once you have replenished your energy, you can continue your journey. Not much you have to walk until you will bump into a sign telling that back in its glory days the Pirttiniemi sawmill employed 400 people, being one of the biggest employers in the region.

maivaperän roopenkki

As you keep walking, you will see Maivaperän roopenkki built in the 19th century known as the only preserved ship tilting place in Finland. Here ships were tilted to clean and maintain their bottoms. You will notice an abandoned railroad leading to Maivaperän crossing the hiking path. While the old rails have been leveled with the path, the railroad still remains a relic of the history of the area.

In addition to nature landscapes and relaxation sites, Varvi nature trail is a historic place that allows you learn about the glorious past of the village as a sailing and shipbuilding hub. Have you tried Raahe’s other nature trails yet?

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