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Pitkänkari Nature Trail

Pitkänkari nature trail is a network of trails that run through the Pitkänkari forest and along the beach, offering great sea views. The overall length of the trails is 1.8 km but there are many ways to deviate the route and make your journey longer and more exciting. The starting point is Rantakatu 1, a perfect place to admire the mesmerizing sea before entering the forest.

The path is good for whole-family journeys, being mostly flat, easy to navigate and with little elevation, which means kids and inexperienced adults can handle it without much difficulty. You will find only a few rocky sections along the route. Navigating the trail is a breeze due to the wooden and blue signs that guide you through your journey.

If you decide to deviate the marked trail, make sure you remember which way you go so you can return easily. At the beginning of the route you can deviate on a side path to enjoy the amazing coastal views. In the background you will see Preiskari Island where many of the locals’ summer cottages are located.

takaranta sign

Along the path, there is a place with log seats where you can rest your feet, have a snack and listen to the sounds of nature. Moving on along the forest trail, you will find a signpost showing you the direction to the Takaranta beach, a beautiful structure made up of rocks of different size that protrude into the sea.

If you are looking for the campfire site of Takaranta, you will first bump into a damaged fireplace which is not the site that is mentioned on the map. Keep walking until you see a signpost near a side path that leads you to the campfire site by the shore. The place is equipped with a firewood box, benches and tables and offers magnificent seaside views. Some parts of the archipelago are also visible from afar.

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The next destination of most tourists is the bird tower. You will come upon a crossing that will offer you two possible ways to continue your journey. The path on the right takes you to the Ilolinna’s bird tower. The left route leads you to the parking lot of the Pikkulahti swimming beach.

You can skip the bird watching and indulge in some swimming and relaxation on the sandy beach. But if you still decide to visit the bird tower, return to the crossing from the beach and take the left route. You will have to walk a short distance on a pleasant forest terrain until you reach the bird tower.

Where is the Pitkänkari nature trail located?

You will be notified with a blue sign that the tower is near, so the chance of getting lost is minimal. The tower overlooks a lake surrounded by a forest scenery and offers beautiful views of the flora and fauna. Once you have finished watching the birds, you can relax at the campfire site near the tower.

There is also a parking lot at stone’s throw. The duration of the journey on the Pitkänkari nature trails is 1/1.5 hours depending on the walking pace, number of stops and deviations from the marked route. We also recommend exploring other nature trails in Raahe.