läntisranta recreation area

Läntisranta Recreation Area

Läntisranta recreation area is a nature and tradition trail located near the village of Läntisranta. The area is largely covered by forest landscape with man-made structures to facilitate hiking. The trail goes 5 km in a circle and has a moderate difficulty level. You will walk on different terrains from flat and smooth to hilly and rocky. Still, the trail can be easily accessed by inexperienced hikers.


Your journey starts at the Rantasenjärvi birdwatching tower located near the parking lot. There is a map at the end of the parking lot where you can analyze the trail in detail and see the features of the recreation area, which include a pier with seats, a shed, a campfire place, fitness equipment, a bear’s nest and more. The wooden birdwatching tower offers a better watching point to the wildlife and rural scenery. Next to the tower you will find a hut, a shed and fitness equipment.

After you have enjoyed the resting area, you can hit the hiking trail which is 400 m from the tower. A guide will lead you to the starting point of the trail represented by a patch of spruce trees and a board sign. Speaking of signs, there will be 10 of them along the trail to guide you through your journey and offer captivating information about the area.

läntisranta nature trail

There are different forests of different age in Läntisranta recreation area. Some of the trees you will see include pine, juniper and rowan. Each of them has a unique story that will find out as you walk past them. Myllykoski’s shed is safely sheltered in the shade of tall and branchy trees, offering a great opportunity to rest after a tiring session of hiking.

Near the shed, there is a fire pit and a wooden table with benches. According to the information board, there was a mill on the site back in the 20th century that got water from the rivulet that marched nearby. As you move on along the trail, you will notice blankets of gorgeous starflowers which are commonly met in coniferous forests.

Where is the Läntisranta recreation area located?

You will also bump into the Haapala tar pit. The information board says that the pit delivered 30 bars of tar every year in the mid 18th century, which was loaded on Raahe ships and exported. Continuing your path, you will reach a coastal area with great views to a lake scenery. The trail then turns from the beach to the clearing. There is no marked path in the clearing so you may slightly deviate from the trail.

It is crucial to consult the board signs and the map to find the shortest way to the marked road. A popular attraction of Läntisranta recreation area is a bear’s den that, as the locals say, hosted a bruin in the early 2000’s. At the end of the ring trail there is Kukkola’s traditional landscape, a clearing with a few countryside houses that preserves the history and tradition of Raahe. Just go and see the rest of Raahe’s nature trails.