hummastinvaara routes

Hummastinvaara Routes

Hummastinvaara routes is a network of four routes of different length: 5km, 10km, 15m and 25km that run through field landscape and forest. The routes are designed for hiking, jogging and biking and are suitable for all ages and preparation level. There is also a horse-riding path that overlaps the hiking routes on some sections. Depending on your physical preparation and travel plans, you can choose the trail that suits your needs best.

The routes have the same starting point and run basically through the same places with longer routes extending to new spots. Hummastinvaara routes are the perfect recreation option for those who love hiking and exploring the nature at the same time. There are flower fields, wild berries, pine forests, bridges, wooded paths and a stunning lake scenery to admire.

The routes differ in terms of hiking difficulty level. The short routes are mostly flat and smooth with some rocky sections here and there. The 15km and 25km routes have a larger number of challenging hills and rough terrain sections. If you are an experienced hiker or cross country biker, or want to test your limits, the long routes are your perfect choice.

hummastinvaara nature trails

Each route is marked with paint marks and stripes on trees and poles which makes it easy to distinguish between the trails that run together for a good part of the journey until at some point diverge in different directions. The routes have something to offer to all your senses: an eye-pleasing forest scenery, a strong smell of wet earth and freshly felled tree, and melodious birdsongs. There are campfire sites along the trails with benches and tables made of logs where you can enjoy a snack under the shadow of enormous pine trees.

The same you will find if you choose the 25km route, which comes yet with some bonuses. You will have the chance to rest on the shore of a beautiful lake while admiring the surrounding forest scenery and diverse flora and fauna. Also, there is a campfire site with much space and sheds equipped with wood boxes, axes, rattan baskets and chairs. You can take shelter under the shed’s roof in case of bad weather. Along the route there is a viewing platform where you can enjoy meals and take delight in the beautiful landscape.

Where is Hummastinvaara routes located?

Hummastinvaara routes pass near several quarry sites where stone blasting occurs during weekdays. That’s why, it’s not recommended to abandon the marked forest path and walk on the quarry road which is smoother and wider but less safe.

Another matter of concern is horses. Since the hike trails overlap the horse-riding route in places, there is a chance you can meet horses on your way. That’s why, you are best off minding the horse warning signs and act appropriately during an encounter with this animal.

Some valuable tips include reducing the speed, stepping aside to leave enough room for overtaking, and not making sudden moves or sounds. Sudden movements can scare the horse and make him act in an unpredictable way. You should also try several other nature trails in Raahe.