hakotie nature trail

Hakotie Nature Trail

Hakotie nature trail is a one-way trail that stretches over 1.5 km. You have to walk mostly on smooth forest path and graveled path. There is no big height difference which makes the trail accessible for people with little hiking experience. On average, the trail completion time is 1 hour. The starting point is at Kylmäniemi. As you walk on to Hakotie path, you will see the charming canal landscape on the right side.

Nearby is a beach that is popular with kids and snorkeling enthusiasts. The wooden Hakotie sign lets you know that the trail starts. Along the way, there will be blue markings that will help you stay on the right track. Before you enter the forest, you walk on a gravel path near the bay shore. The sea views are breath-taking, especially when boats pop up in the distance as the sun comes up. You can admire the nature and the graciously marching waterfowl.

hakotie Raahe

The gravel path continues to the forest. If you go hiking in spring, there might be some ice on the path that is taking its time to melt. Even if it is mixed up with ground and rocks, it is still slippery and can cause you injury. That’s why, make sure to walk at a slow pace when you reach the the icy and snowy sections. A significant part of the trail runs through a pine forest. The 180-meter long log path will help you cross the muddy areas. Walk carefully because the path is narrow.

The path has a right bend that leads to a wooden bench. If you are tired or hungry, you can stop by the bench to have a snack and a refreshing drink while listening to birdsongs. The trail continues along the road. At some point, you will see the Raahe Hospital at a short distance away. You will cross the road and end up again in the forest. Polecats live in the forest, but they are sensitive to polluted air and light. So if you find one of them, you are lucky.

Where is the Hakotie nature trail located?

Hakotie nature trail had a bridge that was considered the most inappropriate bridge in Finland. It was built over a small creek. The bridge was moved to Mikonkari in 2022. The path arrives to the hospital yard and continues along it. Soon, you reach the hospital beach. Unlike the sand beach at the beginning of the route, this one is covered by gravel and boulders. In spring, you may find it pretty cold to sit on the beach. Nonetheless, before you return to Kylmäniemi, take your time to admire the floating icebergs that are slowly melting under the mild sun. Since it’s a one-way trail, you will have to return to the departure point on the same route you had come. If you wish, you can also tour other nature trails in Raahe.