fant's path

Fant’s Path

Fant’s Path is a nature trail located about 1.2km from the center of Raahe. The path runs through a forest and a meadow, being a great place to reconnect with nature. The distance is just 770m and the difficulty level is low with just a few hilly sections along the route.

fant's nature trail

Altogether the trail doesn’t have major elevations and rocky terrain. You get to walk on a pleasant forest path and smooth meadow grass. You can even go around the cluster of hills if you don’t want to waste your energy climbing them.

The Fant’s path starting point is the parking lot Ulkofantintie. Before you start, don’t hesitate to take a look at the anchor at the end of the parking lot. You can read its story on the board attached to the anchor. The first section of the trail runs through a meadow then you enter the forest.

fants forest path

The Pikkulahti swimming beach is nearby so you can stop by for a while and enjoy the views. You will be guided by signs during your entire journey to make sure you don’t get lost. In fact, getting lost is almost impossible because the forest path runs along the bay coast.

As you walk down the Fant’s path you will have the chance to enjoy majestic trees with sunlight filtering through their branches and birds singing in the background. A perfect place for escaping the city hustle and bustle and getting in touch with nature. You can come with your family, being sure your kids will get neither bored nor tired during this trip.

nature in fants route

At some point you will notice a side path branching off to the left from the main trail and leading to the hills. If you choose this path, you will have to walk on a hilly section which can be handled even by people with little to no hiking experience. Though some effort is needed to climb it. But since the hill section has a short distance, it shouldn’t exhaust you.

fant's hill

You can sit on top of the hill and enjoy the Old Raahe and the beautiful seascape in front of it. It’s a truly impressive scenery so don’t hesitate to take some photos. When going down the hill, the path joins the main trail.

fants seascape

If initially you don’t want to go uphill, keep moving straight ahead on the main trail. This will reduce the trip time, but you won’t have the chance to enjoy Old Raahe from the top of the hill.

Where is the Fant’s Path located?

Along the route there is a campfire site with woodshed which is full of wood. Although the Fant’s path is short, you may still need a moment of respite. The campfire site has a table and benches where you can rest your feet, have a refreshing drink, eat a snack, and listen to the laid-back birdsongs.

fant's campfire place

If you are in luck, you can find strawberries around the campfire site. Fants Path can be completed in 15-30 minutes, depending on your speed, number and duration of stops, and whether or not you climb the hill.