Sunday , July 3 2022

Getting to Know the Wanha Herra in Raahe

Next, Museum Card adventurer Minna travels to Raahe. In the third part of the museum adventure, Minna will visit the Museum Card sites of the Raahe Museum, the Crown Warehouse Museum and the Pakkahuone Museum.

Minna first visits the Crown Magazine, which features the museum’s pride Wanha Herra – a diving suit from the 18th century. It is the world’s oldest surviving diving suit donated by the sea captain Johan Leufstadius to the Raahe Museum in the 1860s. Minna also gets to greet the residents of the basement hidden from the audience, known as the Nuori Herra.

The trip continues to Finland’s oldest local museum, the Pakkahuone Museum, which is located in the city’s culturally and historically valuable customs and packaging room, built in 1848, which once housed a sailor’s room. Museum director Eija Turunen introduces our adventurer to the extensive history of Raahe, which includes shipping as an integral part.

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