The History of Raahe

history of raahe

The story and history of Raahe town starts in 1649 when the Governor of Finland, Count Pietari Brahe, decided to build a port for the goods in the northern region. The newborn city was called Salo, but shortly after, in 1652, it was renamed to Brahestad. The port town thrived …

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Rautaruukki Raahe Factory

rautaruukki raahe factory

Rautaruukki Raahe Factory is a Finnish company that specializes in production and supply of metal-based components. The company’s history reaches back to 1960 when the Finnish Government decided to create a factory that would supply the country’s heavy industries with metal. In 1994, the company was partly privatized. Since then …

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Finland – Best Places to Visit

best places to visit in finland

While it’s not always listed as a mainstream tourist destination, Finland has a lot to offer both to winter and summer travel enthusiasts. From vibrant cities with an abundance of art and historical landmarks to immense archipelagos with stunning nature, from lakes and beaches to snow castles and skiing trails, …

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Forgotten Stories episode 2: Lampinsaari


Lampinsaari is an old mine village. The zinc mine opened up in the early 1950’s and was the biggest one in Europe. Forty years later, in 1992, the mine was closed. The following years, people started to leave the village. Resulting in a half abandoned village with lots of history.

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Raahe Finland 4K – Christmas in Raahe


In this video Raahe Finland Christmas in Raahe we will get to know the real Finland by visiting Raahe Finland in winter. I will share the most Interesting facts about the city of Raahe about the beauties and history of the city. I really love Finland in winter and Raahe …

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Morning Fog in Wanha Raahe


Old Town Raahe is one of the best-preserved 19th-century wooden towns in Finland. Not a museum area but a living town district, Old Raahe tells the tale of the construction of a town and life in it from centuries ago to the modern day. (Source: Visit Raahe)

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Our Raahe Video Tour

meijän raahe videoesittely

Raahe is an attractive seaside town where Finnish perseverance and culture meet. Together with the archipelago, Raahe forms an unparalleled idyllic small town.

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