Travel Tips for Traveling to North Macedonia

north macedonia

North Macedonia is a small Balkan country located at the crossroads of different cultures that have influenced what is it today over centuries. Its neighboring countries are Serbia and Kosovo to the north, Bulgaria to the east, Greece to the south and Albania to the west. The population of the …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Estonia


Estonia is a Baltic country bordering Latvia and Russia by land and other two countries by water. It is separated from Finland by the Gulf of Finland and from Sweden by the Baltic Sea. Due to its Soviet past, the country has a large Russian-speaking minority. Its population is about …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Lithuania


Lithuania is a Baltic country that borders Latvia, Belarus, Poland and the Russian exclave Kaliningrad. The country has a forested landscape dotted with lakes. The major cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, boast an exuberant nightlife, numerous shopping and eating spots and many historical and cultural landmarks to explore. Its population is …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Latvia


Thinking about traveling to Latvia? Latvia is a lively and culturally rich country in the Baltic region. Even though it’s small, it has a myriad of beautiful places and captivating activities tourists can enjoy. Latvia, or the Republic of Latvia, is one of the Baltic countries. It borders Lithuania in the south, …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Slovakia


Thinking about traveling to Slovakia? Slovakia is a country in the central Europe that boasts lovely mountain scenery, rich historical heritage and highly diverse cultures. It’s best suited for people who are looking for a peaceful retreat in the heart of nature and those interested in the exploration of old heritage …

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Well-known People From Raahe

well-known people from raahe

The website presents well-known people from Raahe, i.e. public figures from Raahe, who made an impact at different times. What is Raahe known for? Raahe is known for its public figures, baseball and history, as well as its attractions. Raahe is also an idyllic seaside town, which stands out as …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Slovenia


Thinking about traveling to Slovenia? The Republic of Slovenia is located in southern Central Europe. Its area is only 20,273 km² and the population is about 2 million. Its neighboring countries are Hungary, Austria, Croatia and Italy. Covered in lush forests and cultivated fields, Slovenia is rightly called the green oasis …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Andorra

andorra flag

Thinking about traveling to Andorra? Tucked between Spain and France, Andorra is a small country that prides itself on a magnificent mountain scenery. The country attracts a significantly larger number of tourists annually than its actual population of 77,000 people. Despite its tiny size, Andorra offers a plethora of wonderful places and …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Denmark


Denmark takes pride in a lot of places of natural and architectural beauty that can cut your breath away. Get a ticket to this Nordic country to enjoy the mesmerizing dunes, lush forests and stunning seaside views. Spend your holidays in a compact and lively city or in a cozy …

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Travel Tips for Traveling to Serbia


Serbia is the largest country in the Balkans that possesses a great touristic potential. While it doesn’t have access to the sea, it boasts a wealth of beautiful places that are worth exploring. Its neighbors are Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro to …

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