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A Guide on How to Trade Precious Metals

Before you venture into precious metals trading, it is important to know how to buy and sell precious metals. Perhaps, the question that you need to start by asking is; what are precious metals? Precious metals are naturally occurring, rare metallic chemical elements whose economic value is very high. Precious mental are less reactive chemically. They include gold, platinum, silver and palladium.

Why Precious Metals? Why Now?

Tips on how to trade precious metals

Knowing how to invest in precious metals is very important because just like any other business adventure, your goal is to make profit. As such, you need to know tips on how to trade in precious metals to succeed in your business adventure.

Here are important tips to guide you in precious metals trading:

  • Know the amount of capital that you have to invest in precious metals business.
  • Know the asset outlook in question. This could bearish, bullish or neutral.
  • Determine whether you will focus on a single specialty or diversify in different assets like options, stocks or features.
  • Determine how long you intend to stay in a position.
  • Determine the point at which you will enter into a trade. Know the signals that you will use in determining the entry point.
  • Know the action to take if the price of the position that you take go down
  • Determine whether you will be doing hedging and if yes, know the type of hedge that is.
  • Determine the price level to tolerate before deciding to cut the losses if prices go down further.
  • Know the point at which you should cash out your profitable trades.

Precious metals have always had a place in the portfolios of savvy investors. This is because apart from offering special type of inflationary protection, precious metals do not carry credit risk and they have an intrinsic value. Investing in precious metals is a sure way of ensuring genuine insurance against political or financial upheavals.

how to trade precious metals

How to buy precious metals?

Some people want to venture into precious metal trading but they do not know how to buy precious metals or where to buy precious metals. There are several ways to purchase precious metals. One of the easiest ways of buying precious metals is to buy jewelries. However, jewelries may not contain pure metals such as silver or gold. This implies that you will not have full protection against inflation.

Perhaps, the best way of buying precious metals is purchasing physical bullion. There are several bullion dealers making transactions through the internet. If you choose this route, it is advisable that you read testimonials and reviews on different bullion dealers before buying.

If you are still not certain on how to buy precious metals, you should consider coins as well. However, compared to bullion bars coins have a high demand. This is because they are a cheapest and popular way of owning pure silver or gold.

Where to buy precious metal?

After knowing how to buy precious metals, it is imperative that you know where to buy precious metals at a better price. There are many factors that you need to consider when determining the dealer or broker to buy precious metals from.

Here are some factors to help you determine where to buy precious metals:

  • Look for a dealer or broker who has been in precious metal business for at least three years.
  • Find a dealer who specializes in the futures that you are interested in.
  • Choose a dealer whose approach embraces technical analysis and fundamental analysis.
  • Go for a dealer who has satisfied clients and knowledge in precious metals trading.
  • Look for a dealer with a proven track record of excellent performance.
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How to invest in precious metals – Risk management tools

Any business has a risk. Knowing important risk management tools is a crucial aspect of learning how to invest in precious metals. One of the most important tools for risk management in precious metal trading is conducting research to know what to buy and when to buy it. Also have some mony in liquid form to use when opportunities arise.

In addition, use stop-loss orders to keep the value of your portfolio intact. You should also use put options as a way of protecting your investment during bear markets or corrections.

Generally, precious metals offer an effective and a useful way of diversifying an investor’s portfolio. However, to succeed in this business you need to know how to trade precious metals before you jump in. Precious metals are highly volatile and if this volatility is not checked it will ruin an investor but when harnessed it helps in accumulating wealth.

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